a sandal-less summer

if i told you that i spent this summer while living here in miami without wearing sandals you probably wouldn’t believe me

but it’s true

between the gap pink oxfords above and the same in blue my feet were covered the whole summer

with the exception of my havaianas for beach trips of course

i’m aware that most of you in seasonal places can’t wait to bare your toes at the end of winter but, i’m sooooooo tired of bare toes. and feet

now if only i could start wearing my boots all year long….

(i know. we are living in the wrong place for how we want to dress)

seeking fashion help

alright friends, i’m having a little fashion dilemma

we will be going to Will’s cousin’s wedding in raleigh, nc in early august and i need shoes

i plan on wearing the same pink dress that Connie gave me that wore to Michael’s and Robbie’s wedding back in may in nyc

i got a new little jacket (this one in off white) and i have a little belt that i have had for years that looks cute cinched around the waist

so that’s all good (clutch will depend on the shoes)

which brings me to the dilemma. the shoes

i have no shoes (the ones pictured are not an option. too high and uncomfortable)

i know you don’t believe me but really, i have no shoes (back in nyc i borrowed Connie’s)

i have spent many free hours looking online through zappos, 6pm and endless and i can’t make up my mind which way i want this outfit to go or which shoes will look the best

the shoes need to be affordable, comfortable and something i will wear again

not every day of course but when going out to eat or to have some drinks

so….. i have narrowed it down to these choices:



Lily and I got stuck in the rain while riding on the bike. we waited a while under a building but since we were already wet, I decided to just get us home. we made it home safely. completely drenched but safe. i just hope my hot pink suede shoes will be ok…..