Black friday shopping madness

Happy saturday everyone!

Yesterday Darren and I went to Sawgrass Mills Outlet Shops for some shopping. (his suggestion)

Have you guys ever gone shopping on the infamous Black Friday? I never had.

I knew there were going to be tons of people. And there were.

I was however not prepared for the amounts of shopping people were actually doing.

I thought we were in a recession?

It was crazy! It was madness!

People had shopping carts and big suit cases filled with shopping bags filled with stuff.

There were HUGE lines to get into certain stores and people were waiting!

At the end, Darren definitely walked away with some big bags filled with goodies. Me in the other hand, walked away with a small bag. (I was a good girl)

I bought some fun things as stocking stuffers for Lily and cousin Adelaide, a few knitted hats for myself (cause you know i love those), some much needed yoga/chill out pants, a top and a pair of black skinnies.

It was a long day of shopping but a really good day. Darren and I are great shopping partners.

What about you guys? Did you shop, did you decorate the tree or did you have a lazy day?

Here are some pics of the madness and of me trying on sunglasses. (i was tempted but again, i was good!)

Hope you are all having a great weekend!

Sawgrass Mills, one of the largest. and yes, we basically did it all!

left: d&g. my faves. i almost bought them! right: ralph lauren for men


Some recent splurges

Uncle Darren and I were marathon shoppers yesterday.

We got to the mall at 10:30am and it was around 9pm when we left.

Neither one of us had ever had a mall day like that.

The weird thing is, the day flew while we were in there.

I purchased a few things at F21 for myself, some sale items at babyGap for Lily BUT, my best purchases were the perfect platform sandals I had been searching for forever and a Zara small bag on sale.

The sandals I got at Bloomingdale’s (thanks for suggesting it D), they are Lucky Brand and they ended up being a total of $38.00!

If you are shopping this weekend, have fun taking advantage of the sales that are going on right now!



A saturday afternoon with daddy

Saturday afternoon while I went on a little shopping outing with a friend, Lily and Will had some daughter and daddy time to themselves.

Will took Lily to the park at South Point.

A great park that was renovated a while ago where you can catch some great sunsets as well as watch the ships go by.

They had a great time!

All photos by Will (aka Lily’s dad). Not only is he a great husband and father but he is also an awesome photographer. 😉

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