Lily-less showering

With Lily’s new bedroom set up, I have been able to take showers by myself.

Yes, you heard me right.

By myself! (with no one watching either)

I put my laptop with a Sesame Street video on, sit Lily on her play tiles and I can watch her from the shower.

I can take a 20 minute shower with no problem.

Showering, something that was once a necessity however since motherhood, has turned into luxury.

my Lily view from the shower

Dirty little piggies

Last week Lily and I played in front of our apartment entry.

Not the cleanest place to play but, it was the only place with shade at that hour.

I got out the bubbles and even though it was the first time Lily was seeing them, she wasn’t too excited. She was more excited about the wand. (she wants everything I’m holding)

She also got to play with Morgan, our neighbor’s cute (cute, cute!) little poodle. Lily and Morgan get along so well. 🙂

After an hour of crawling around on the cement floor, Lily was the dirtiest I have ever seen her.

Her legs and toes were BLACK!

It was straight to the shower when play time was over.

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Lily loves plants

no attention to the bubbles