The hardest part

The hardest part about being so far away from family is… well, being so far away from family.

Yesterday I spoke with my mom and she gave me sad news about her brother, my uncle.

He is in the hospital and will be going through chemotherapy soon.

Aging is so hard isn’t it?

Not necessarily our own process of aging but watching our elders age.

It always kills me to think about the fact that my parents, aunts and uncles are getting (shall I say it?) old and their health is failing some of them.

To think that I can’t be there for moral support.

To think that I already lost a dear uncle not too long ago and I might be losing another.

The older we all get, the harder it is.

I hope it is not my uncle’s time, it doesn’t feel like his time.

I hope I get to see him again.

Good thoughts for my tio Antonio Carlos.

primo Abel, tio Antonio Carlos, my mom and avo Maria Teresa in Mozambique, early 1950’s

Sick Elmo

Elmo must be sick lately because Lily has been very busy taking good care of him by giving him medicine.

It only makes sense since she has a cold and is teething.

Giving her medicine is not something we do often however, this time around, she got 2 servings of Ibuprofen.

I guess it was enough for her to want to do the same to Elmo.

She’s a good mommy. 😉



I need a remedy!

It was the most beautiful weekend here in Miami and I was home all day yesterday because I’m sick. 🙁

And so is Lily for that matter of fact.

So, this post is inspired by our sickness.

Here are some remedies that make us feel better.

Herb Pharm Mullen Garlic drops for Lily’s ear infection.

Watkins Menthol Camphor, a great alternative to Vick’s.

Weleda Rosemary Hair Oil (I love their products) and La Tourangelle Avocado Oil (their site has great recipes) for dry hair/scalp. (Lily’s scalp has been really dry, she gets this from Will)

Clementines, high on vitamin C (calcium and potassium) and it is all we want to eat. (I ate 3 by the time I was done with this post)

Happy monday everyone, stay healthy!


Is it the moon?

What is going on?

It seems to me that every toddler is out of whack right now. (including Lily, she woke up at 6am and wouldn’t even nap!))

Every baby blog I read with toddlers the same age as Lily, the babies are sick, whinny, fussy, won’t sleep.

Several friends on Facebook with children the same age, also complain about sick and whinny babies.

What is going on?

Is it the full moon?


Feeling better Lily

Lily and I just took it easy yesterday.

In the morning, instead of going to the park, we stayed home, watched YoGabbaGabba, read books and played with her toys.

She didn’t have much of an appetite all day.

I hate seeing her not eat.

The only thing she wanted was grapes.

Even though her temperature was back to normal (I took it every hour), she was still not 100%.

Later in the afternoon, again instead of going to the park, we went for a bike ride because I wanted her to get some fresh air.

I treated her to some vanilla ice cream.

I wanted her to eat something other than grapes!

She had some oatmeal for dinner and went to bed at her regular time.

She woke up several times during the night and her temperature was almost 100 again this morning.

We will see what today brings.

Maybe no library. 🙁

in the morning watching yogabbagabba


Being sick with a child sucks!!!

I have been sick for the last two days.

Two days ago I had diarrhea. (sorry if tmi)

Yesterday at around 1pm, I started feeling dizzy, nauseous and started vomiting.

No, I’m not pregnant.

I obviously caught some stomach bug.

All I know is that while I was vomiting into the toilet (for the 4th time) with Lily standing in the bathroom doorway looking at me, I couldn’t help but to think: “this sucks!!!!”

It’s times like these that I wish I had family around.

Someone to just take Lily so I could just be sick without feeling guilty for not being 100% for her.

Thankfully Will was around and took care of Lily and me. 🙂

I’m a bit better today but not completely there.

Sorry, this is a photo less post.

I was too sick to take pictures.

Be thankful!

Lily’s first castle

Lily visited her first castle yesterday.

It was such a beautiful clear and cool day out that I decided we should go for a long walk over to the castle of Beja.

Beja’s castle is mostly considered a gothic style castle and it has been around since the 1100’s.

Despite the fact that Lily is still a bit sick and teething like crazy, she was really excited to be there and had a great time exploring the grounds.

I’m aware it’s picture overload but it was a castle!!! (and we miss Will and want him to see what we have been up to)

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Dear neighbors

Nights have been challenging around here lately.

We were just getting through some tough nights of sleep boot camp when Lily started getting sick. With a cold that gave her a stuffy nose and a cough and then a high fever, we now have to start ALL over again.

It’s not easy!

There is lots of fake crying, screaming and then some real crying involved but, it must be done.

We live in an apartment in a small condo building. We have neighbors all around us!

Lily is the only baby in the building. Everyone loves her.

Our neighbors have never complained about anything. Some of them even claim they can’t hear Lily. (they must be deaf or sleep like a rock)

It helps that the walls are cement instead of sheet rock however, there is NO way that our next door, upstairs and downstairs neighbors can’t hear Lily.

So, after two horrible nights of no sleep, I decided to have Lily write a note and post it in the elevator where everyone could see it.

I think it was well received because someone even wrote a “get better” note on it. 🙂

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Lily’s note

a neighbor’s note