Well, Lisboa is really the last place that I have to show you from our trip here in Portugal.

There really isn’t even that much because we didn’t spend a lot of time there this time around.

We really wanted to see Sintra. Which we did and it was amazing!

However, we did get to see the Torre de Belem right after the sun set and we got to do some shopping and walking around the Rossio the following morning before returning back to Beja.

I hope that you all have enjoyed the tour of our trip here in Portugal.

Today is our last day here 🙁 so it’s all about the packing and spending our last hours here with family.

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Lily’s asian paparazzi



On wednesday we went to Sintra and I fell in love!

Monsaraz used to be my favorite place here in Portugal however, the number one slot has been taken over by Sintra.

What an AMAZING place!

The town itself is small and quaint with cute restaurants and antique shops.

It is so wonderfully green and hilly there. (Hayes and John, if you are reading this post, both Will and I have decided that this is the first place we will show you as soon as you step off the plane!)

And then there is the Palacio da Pena. (you know what amazes me? back in the 17th century they didn’t have the technology they have today and they built AMAZING things. today they build… well, crap!)

“I have never seen such opulence.” Will said. Well put Will, I agree.

The Palacio da Pena is where the King and Queen of Portugal used to spend their summers.

Oh to be a queen… I wouldn’t have minded a summer or two at the Palacio da Pena either….

(sorry but it’s another picture overload post, 57 to be exact. but then again, beautiful places = lots of pictures. 😉 there are only pictures of the outside of the Palacio da Pena because they didn’t allow pictures inside)