i need a sleepcation


you guys, it’s true what they say

you know, that once you become a mom you will never sleep like you used to

i feel like i haven’t gotten a really good night sleep since i got pregnant with Lily (hello 2009)

due to needing a new mattress but haven’t gotten around to buying a new one, i wake up aching and not rested

due to Lily waking sometimes in the middle of the night, i sometimes can’t get right back to sleep

due to my own thoughts about maybe not doing enough as a wife, mother, daughter, sister, friend, human, i sometimes can’t get to sleep

i want to lock myself up in a hotel room and take a sleeping pill (or two) and just sleep for days

i want to feel rested again

i want to feel light and not heavy

i want to dream again….

A record nap

If you have been coming here for a while and keeping up with Lily, you know she has never been much of a napper and dropped her nap a long time ago.

The past 2 days she wasn’t feeling that great again.

She must have caught a light stomach bug because she vomited everything she put down.

Yesterday when I put her on my bed with a soft blanket to watch Pinocchio she fell asleep within 10 minutes.

That was at 1pm. She finally woke up at 5pm.

She took a 4 hour nap. 4 hours!!!

I kept checking on her every 15 minutes in disbelief of the fact that she was still sleeping.

Never in her life has she napped for that long. Never until yesterday.

Hulk baby

That is the name my brother gave Lily yesterday when I told him through IM that when I checked on her playing in her room, she had taken a green marker and colored herself.

It’s not that often that I get to talk to my brother.

With 5 hours difference between us (he’s in Portugal), with his work schedule, I’m lucky if I get him once every two weeks.

He and his girlfriend are expecting their first baby boy in october and I am so excited because Lily and I will be there for the birth. (we will be visiting from oct.4th-nov.3rd)

On another note, I was sick the past two days.

I got a nasty stomach bug on sunday and I am just so lucky that it was sunday and Will was home to watch Lily.

Perrier, Ginger Ale and sleep were my best friends.

I’m much better today (just feeling a bit weak still) and I’m so thankful because being sick when you have little ones is no fun!

look at that face! lol. so thankful for washable markers

Car sleeper

When I was little, whenever you would put me in a car, I would fall asleep.

Actually, I still fight hard to not fall asleep whenever I’m in a car.

Something about the motion of the car, the sound, the sun warming your skin… I could fall asleep right now.

Saturday afternoon we went to Hollywood to celebrate uncle Dave’s birthday.

Both Will and I tried to make Lily nap at home because we knew it was going to be somewhat of a late night but of course she didn’t.

Instead, she fell asleep in the car.

Surprisingly enough though, I got her out of the car, carried her through the building, through the back where the party was happening, plopped her on a beach lounger and not only did she not wake up but, she slept for a whole hour.

It’s a good thing she slept because we only left at 10:30pm.


Quiet time

Every day after Lily has lunch, at around 1pm, we have quiet time.

I put Lily in her crib, hand her some books (usually of her choice) and she hangs out in there for at least 2 hours.

She reads her books and plays with her stuffed animals and dolls.

Every once in a while (maybe once a week?) she will actually fall asleep.

On thursday she did. (and hopefully she will today also)

Happy saturday everyone. 🙂




Is anyone else’s toddler fighting their nap?

I don’t understand, Lily has been waking up earlier in the morning (still going to bed at 8pm like always) and not wanting to sleep the 1 hour she usually does during the day.

Is this it?

She’s only 15 months but is this the end to THE nap?

She was never much of a sleeper but, I miss my sleeping baby…

may 2010

Is it the moon?

What is going on?

It seems to me that every toddler is out of whack right now. (including Lily, she woke up at 6am and wouldn’t even nap!))

Every baby blog I read with toddlers the same age as Lily, the babies are sick, whinny, fussy, won’t sleep.

Several friends on Facebook with children the same age, also complain about sick and whinny babies.

What is going on?

Is it the full moon?



I have been feeling like a zombie lately.

Lily has not been sleeping well at night at all (last night was the first time in a week) and it is really (REALLY) taking its toll on me.

She has been waking up during the night, anywhere from 12am to 4am and won’t go back to sleep.

After spending the whole day with her, the last thing I want while I’m trying to get some sleep and rest is listen to her cry.

I think it would be different if she was in a separate room but since she is still in the same room with us (like 2′ away!), I have just been putting her in bed with us.

I’m aware that I’m creating a habit I do NOT want but, I’m too exhausted and frustrated to hear her cry it out.


I don’t feel like myself at all these days.

I’m all zombie-like just going through the motions.

I feel ugly.

I feel old.

I used to have great posture, now, I don’t even have the energy to walk straight. (Will is constantly making me aware that I’m slouching)

After 15 months of being with Lily day and night (with the exception of a few outings), I think I need a break.

I NEED to rejuvenate.

I need to feel like myself again, not like this zombie I have been feeling like.

Do any of you feel like this?

Do you have any advice for me?

What is the answer?

oh hi! where did you go????

Date night

Will and I celebrated our one year wedding anniversary yesterday. (can’t believe we have only been married for a year, feels like forever)

Uncle Darren came over to watch Lily (sleep) so both Will and I could go out on a proper date. (thanks uncle Darren!)

We went to Espanola Way to A La Folie, our favorite crepe place.

We had a romantic dinner, walked around, looked at some art, checked out the new Symphony New World Center.

It was a wonderful night.

Have a great weekend everyone!