Big girl at the playground

Our Lily, she is getting so big.

Sometimes it is only at certain places when I realize how big she is getting.

Like at the playground.

She can do almost everything all by herself now.

She can climb up the slide and slide down by herself, she is curious and not afraid of bugs such as hairy caterpillars, she is starting to be more comfortable about approaching and being approached by other kids.

I can’t believe that not even a year ago we were at the park resting on a blanket and now she is all over the place by herself.

I am constantly in awe of how fast children grow.

Slow down time, slow down….


Oh what fun!

Lily and I had so much fun at Flamingo Park this morning.

It is so wonderful watching her really try to do things on her own.

She can already do the slide all by herself.

She climbs up the stairs, gets to the slide, turns around, gets down, and then slides on her belly feet first! 🙂

She is also getting much better at trying to communicate with other kids she doesn’t know.

Which has to be tricky since she is learning Portuguese and English.

She was in a super good mood at the park this morning, the weather was chilly but with clear blue skies…

We had a great time!

P.S.- this is a picture overload post because I feel like the grandparents need to see how BIG (both mind and body) Lily is getting!

oh, hi pinky!!


The park after hours

Lily and I went to the park late afternoon yesterday.

We played with the sand, went on the swings, the slide, watched the ducks (Lily’s favorite).

We also caught an amazing sunset because we stayed longer than usual.

It was great seeing the park in a different light.

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look who wants to stand all by herself now!


At first I told her “no”

When Lily and I got to the park yesterday morning, not only was there no one in sight but also after almost 2 days of continuous rain, the sand area was a HUGE puddle. (more like a kiddie pool, really)

Of course Lily saw all that water and wanted to get in it immediately.

I tried to distract her by taking her to the slides, the tire, Clifford, nothing worked.

She kept on going towards the water and I kept on telling her “no”.

Then I thought to myself: ” If we were in West Virginia, what would I do?”

I took off Lily’s pants and let her dip her legs in the water.

Of course that wasn’t enough for her so I then took off her shirt as well.

I mean, why not?

It’s only rain water.

She had a blast!!

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hands in first