really loving…

i am seriously totally bananas for these frozen bananas hand dipped in gourmet chocolate yumminess!!!!!!!!!

it is everything that i want in a snack all in one

everything!!! (i’m using a lot of exclamations. can you tell how much i’m obsessed?)

our local bodega (a block away) sells them and i seriously have to fight hard within myself to not walk over there and buy one daily

i didn’t have one yesterday

but i want one right now…..


Heavy load

Lily and I went to the beach yesterday morning. (surprise! 😉 )

It is getting to be quite the workout getting her there, specially pulling the stroller (with her in it) through the sand. (girlfriend will have to start walking soon but until then I will give her a ride)

With her being 25.5lbs, the stroller, her beach toys, a diaper bag filled with towels, water, diapers, lotion, snacks, by the time we reach our spot I’m out of breath. (I’m a bit out of shape)

So, yesterday I decided to not take any cameras to not add to the load.

But, I couldn’t help taking pictures with my phone which I hardly use other than to text. (it’s not a fancy iphone or anything like that)

I had no idea what the quality would be like.

They are not that great but I kind of like their vintage feel/look.

What do you think?

Also, I think I can speak for both Lily and I when I say that we both missed tia Sarah terribly.

And it’s friday!!

We have lots of house projects to do around here this weekend like go to storage and drop off winter clothes (don’t think we will need those for a while), re-pot some plants, clean…

Have a great weekend everyone!