Jungle Island

When I was around 5 years old, my mom took me to the zoo in Lisboa.

That night, I had the worst nightmares!

I dreamt that all the animals had broken free and were running wild, all the snakes were slithering all over my body, the gazelles were jumping over me, the elephants and lions were running… it’s a dream that I can still visually remember.

I have kept away from zoos or anything like them since then, even when I lived in San Diego and had one of the best zoos near me.

On saturday, auntie K got us some free VIP passes to Jungle Island so, we couldn’t pass them up. (thank you K!)

Despite not being a fan of seeing animals in cages, it was wonderful to be able to show Lily animals she has only been able to see in books.

The birds were her favorites,the monkeys and the pink flamingos were my favorites. 🙂 (I finally got to see pink flamingos after being in Florida for almost 10 years!)

Happy monday everyone, hope you all have a great week!



Yesterday, Sean from Jungle Island brought some of his reptile friends to the library for the kids to learn about and pet.

There were snakes, lizards, turtles and even an alligator!

Even though Lily was still not 100% because of the nasty little cold she has, she enjoyed petting the reptiles, in particular the small lizard.

And it’s friday!

Can you guys believe it?

It was a bit of a hard week for us so I’m looking forward to relaxing this weekend.

Hope you all have a great one! 🙂