Dreaming of icicles

With temperatures rising every day here in Miami (80 degrees every day this week), I long for a longer hibernation period.

Even though it is practically summer out there and Lily is more than ready (and asking) to go to the beach, I just can’t get myself there.

I’m not ready to give up sweaters, tights and boots. (even though i think i will have to)

I’m missing frosted windows, snowflakes, gray days, bare trees, snow, cold and the quiet of winter.

I seriously hope we get a few cold weeks before the heat rises full blast.

Wishing you all a lovely weekend!


Snow, snow and more snow

It snowed here all day yesterday. All day it snowed big, fat, fluffy snow flakes and it turned this place into a winter wonderland.

Finally! This was the first real snow fall since we have been here.

We played outside for a bit (it was freezing), we went for a drive (it was beautiful, everything was white), we went out to eat at the new fishing lodge but, mostly we stayed home and watched the snow fall.

Our visit here will come to an end on thursday when we fly out to Miami.

It’s always hard leaving but we have had a great time and we know we can always come back.

I think I can speak for both Will and I when I say that we are both a little eager to go and start our life back in Miami in this new year of 2012.

Happy tuesday everyone!

loving the big flurries and putting some on her nose

Rio wanted in on the action

no she’s not pooping


My snowy birthday

Good morning small stylers!

Yesterday was my 39th birthday.

Will, Lily and I went to Snowshoe for a Tex/Mex lunch and some snow play. (which Lily really enjoyed)

It had snowed in the morning so there was fresh snow and it was a beautiful cold winter afternoon.

Later at home there was a wonderful home cooked meal and a birthday cake baked by Hayes.

It was a great birthday spent with family and friends.

Linking to Morgan for small style.

Lily wears: coat, red fleece dress and ugg boots- hand me downs from cousin adelaide. furry hat- h&m. leg warmers- old navy. tights underneath- kiabi


Eating snow

Lily got to play in the snow a lot last year but, because she is only two, this year it’s like she never saw snow before so it’s like the first time all over again.

That’s one of the wonderful things about having kids, right? You get to experience firsts again and again.

It snowed a bit saturday night so yesterday we took Lily out and let her experience snow again for the first (second) time.

Her favorite part? Eating it!

She kept on dipping her mitten in the snow and putting it in her mouth.

And of course she shared with Lola, Will and I.

P.S.- I’m loving Lily in the hat Will and I got for her at H&M in Portugal last year. I think she looks yummy!


Winter stills

Before the snow covers everything around here, saturday morning I took a walk and took some pictures of a very different landscape to me.

I’m used to seeing this place all green and plush in August or completely covered with snow in December.

As I walked, flurries started to come down. There was nothing but the quiet of winter.

It’s a magical time of year.

I hope you all had a wonderful weekend, we sure did. I have lots of pictures to share with you.

Happy monday.


Beachin’ it

I know that a lot of you are surrounded by snow in super cold weather and I swear I’m not rubbing these beach pictures in your face.

Beach days like yesterday are a pay back for ALL the horrible hot and humid days I go through living here. (for what seems like 8-9 months out of the year)

It had been a while (october?) since we had gone to the beach in bathing suits and had gone swimming.

It felt great!!!


Some videos

I wanted to upload these videos while we were in West Virginia but the internet was so slow there, I couldn’t.

Pictures are great but every once in a while it’s nice to have videos.

Specially for those far away family members who are keeping up with the blog.

Like avo Ricardo, tio Ricky and prima Ana. 😉

So, here is a video of Lily walking in the snow, Lily sledding, Lily with some of her favorite  music toys in WV AND Will and Lily with Titus singing along to the harmonica (a favorite!).

Enjoy! 🙂