The Sanchez visit WV

Last week on their way to drop off Lulu at college in NYC, our dear Sanchez friends stopped by to visit us here in West Virginia for a couple of days.

Although the weather was not the best when they were here, we got relax, make several garden trips and cook.

Lily was loving her aunt Min, all you heard while she was here was “Min.”, “Min.”, “Min, come”.

On their last day here, we did manage to show them the beautiful views from Snowshoe and we all had a yummy dinner at Elk River as well.

Linking up to Mandy for you know, Steppin’ Out.

Hope everyone is having a safe weekend!



Snowshoe beach

Well, lol, Snowshoe doesn’t have a beach but, if it did, Shavers lake would be it.

Will and I decided to take Lily and Adelaide there yesterday.

After some rainy days, yesterday was one of the warmest and sunniest days here since we have arrived and we had a great time.

We had a picnic, we swam (well, the girls did), we rented a paddle boat and paddled around…. fun times!