Mamas & their babies

When I think of my early 20’s, I think of my dear friend Holly.

That’s when we met you see.

Both of our younger brothers had just started freshman year in high school, were good friends and thought that both she and I should meet.

They were right!

The moment Holly and I met, it was like we had been friends for the longest time yet, it was the most perfect timing to meet because we needed each other so.

We shared so many of the same interests, music, art, crafts, photography, food, candy, nail polish…

In my kitchen, around my kitchen table, we spent endless nights talking, and with the help of Natalie Merchant, Jewel and Bob Marley, we mended our broken hearts and formed a beautiful friendship.

Holly has been living in Vancouver for quite some time now, is married, has a successful business (Mimosa) and is the beautiful mama of two gorgeous boys.

Although I have not seen Holly for over a decade, I know that the day we meet again, it will be like no time had gone by at all.

I can’t wait for that day.

To see her and to meet those two boys whose sparkle in their eyes twinkle just as bright as their mama’s.

(Photos by Holly)


Beijinhos for everybody!!

Lily has become quite the little kisser. She loves to give beijinhos! (kisses in Portuguese)

Ever since Lily was born, I haven’t been able to stop kissing her. Neither has Will. And every time we do so, we tell her they are beijinhos.

Lily will now grab you, and put her open mouth on your face. This of course is her version of beijinhos. Every time she does it, we get excited and we shout: YAY! BEIJINHOS!!!

She has taken these beijinhos to the playground lately. She loves kissing Claudia and Sofia and yesterday as soon as she met Dylan, she kissed him! (watch out Spike!)

Will and I are aware that this may be dangerous as she gets older (I think Will is already freaking out a little…) but until then we love that Lily loves giving beijinhos!! 😉

Here is Lily in some “beijinhos” moments. Lily with Will wearing a shirt by Old Navy. Lily with me wearing a shirt by Zutano. And Lily with Sofia wearing a top by Old Navy.

Finding friends

It’s been quite a struggle to find friends at the playground. All the kids who usually go are much older than Lily.

Until 3 days ago when this mommy brought her baby girl to play and to see if they too could find friends.

They slowly approached Lily and I and the mommy asked how old Lily was. She was so happy to see another baby close to her 4 month old Sofia at the park. And so was I!

Lily took so Sofia right away, reaching to touch Sofia’s arms, ears and head. It was so cute!

Claudia (what are the chances of the other mommy’s name being Claudia as well) and I hit it off also (it’s important) so we exchanged numbers.

Up until now it’s been just mostly Lily and I all day long by ourselves. I’m aware of the free program that the public library has where they sing and have story time but it takes place on mondays at 10a.m.. Lily is usually taking her morning nap at that time so we have not made it there yet.

I have some mommy friends who live here in Miami but they either have older babies or younger babies. I wish my Holly lived here. Lily and I would have so much fun with her and Spike…. (day dreaming)

Lily had her first play date with Sofia yesterday. On the way to the park, I text-ed Claudia (they live right next to the park, how perfect) and she and Sofia were able to meet Lily and I there.

I  put our tapestry down on the grass and the girls were able to really see and reach for one another. They were such sweeties! It was so nice to see Lily interact with another baby.

I can’t wait for the next play date! (possibly today in the afternoon)

P.S.- On the way down Lincoln Rd last night, we met another mommy with an 11 month old Luca. The mommy’s name? Claudia! What are the chances!? 2 mommies in 1 week both named Claudia. Weird!

Here are Lily and Sofia at the park yesterday. Aren’t they sweet??? 🙂 Lily wears top and shorts by Old Navy.