around here

it’s friday morning (8:50), i’m in bed, sipping my coffee, my side bedroom window is open (as it has been for a month now), birds are chirping and Lilian and Cailyn are still sleeping

there is no school today and the girls had a sleepover last night

it’s been a great, easy week

i painted a portrait almost every day since sunday and have sold art as well as kimonos

on sunday Lilian will be going to William’s and it always feels like our time apart is longer than our time together but hoping that will change with summer

happy friday friends!

ps- twenty three days until miami but who’s counting

it feels great to have a different approach to creating art. to just jump into it instead of giving it too much thought

i painted kristen mcmenamy, she commented on the finished piece and i just about died!!!

mother’s day is sunday. so many pretties in the shop


cookie passed away. we gave her a sweet burial. sad….this was Lilian’s first serious pet loss

these stunners that rebloomed through an air root

blooming in a pot on the back porch

oak island morning memory

it’s been so nice to finally be able to sleep with the windows open

Cailyn is our first official overnight guest and i was happy to see that the queen size blow up mattress fits well in the extra room

yesterday was a gorgeous day

night fluffy hair chronicles

around here. oak island

i spent most of this week in oak island with my old fox&beaux girls

it was its five year anniversary so Lauren rented a big ocean front house in oak island and invited me to come along

everyone had their own bedroom, there were delicious home cooked meals, cocktails, pool time, beach time, full pink moon walks…

it was the first time i have ever had a vacation with so many ladies and i loved every second of it

feeling so thankful to have been a part of it all

my bedroom view

around here

i can’t believe it is friday already

i feel like mine and Lilian’s time apart went by super slow

and that our time together this time around went by super fast

some weeks are just like that

we had a great week though

although sunny, we had a cold front come through dropping temperatures down to the 30s

and on a much warmer note, i booked our miami trip for june

we’ll be going for just a little over a week soon after Lilian is done with school and we are both so excited!

our last time there was spring break of 2019

too long…

bright sunny days. but cold. winter cold

a sweet breakfast treat

made a lot of art again

and sold some too

sunday’s colors

virtual learning queen

ice cream walking dates

and walks along the river

earth day. and a portugal memory from 2016

a hang out with her bestie

around here

it’s been a quiet week

Lilian has been with William, i volunteered all day on monday and for the most part have just been doing around the house and trying to get my painting inspiration back

spring is still springing and she is glorious!

so many trees with pink blooms still and now the azaleas are starting to add so much color to the ground as well

we’ve had some rainy days but for the most part, days have been sunny and in the sixties

Lilian will be coming on sunday and i cannot wait!

easter saturday

polaroids from an afternoon with a friend

sick with the second shot of moderna. it was bad you guys!

sibling day. ronda spain 2018. i miss my brother so much!

spring light

looking forward to having these two back

found inspiration yesterday

carolina beach. spring break

it’s sunday morning and i am in bed still recuperating from my second moderna dose taken on friday

this second dose has really kicked my butt

i began feeling the effects late in the afternoon on friday, that night was horrible

my body ached all through the night, i had hot chills, cold chills… for sure a fever

saturday morning i finally took some advil and it helped with the aches a little but i still had no energy

i got much better sleep last night and compared to yesterday morning i am feeling much better but still feeling run down so am just going to take it easy since i will be volunteering tomorrow all day

anyway, i usually don’t post on sunday but figured i might as well update this space since i have the down time

our little spring break in carolina beach with our friend Cailyn was wonderful!

our airbnb was at the quiet end of the beach, 1 row of houses back from the ocean, within walking distance to a small pier…making our stay effortless, relaxing and fun

it was the perfect getaway for the three of us

there were sunrises

early walks on the beach. for me. the girls slept in

plenty of morning and afternoon beach time and although the water was cold, we all got in it every day

there were balcony hangs. mostly for me. it’s where i had my coffee in the morning and my nap after morning beach time

there were pier hangs

there were late afternoon walks on the beach

there were sunsets

around here

what a great week we have had together

sunshine and longer days definitely helps

it’s almost 9am on friday and Lilian is still sleeping

today is a holiday and she is officially on spring break

on sunday we will be driving to carolina beach for a short ocean break

we are both so looking forward to it!

the last of that glorious march light

the beginning of april light

spring has been glorious!!!!

the shop is full of statement beauties

new favorite corner

rainy day indoor training

sunny day outdoor training

lazy no school friday morning

gloomy and rainy outside but pink inside

a 4 mile walk on the first day of april amongst what will hopefully be the last flurries of winter

around here

it’s been a while….

spring is here and it has made all the difference

days are longer, fuller, warmer, brighter…

i have been volunteering at ab tech’s vaccine center on the weeks when Lilian is not with me and although they are long and exhausting days, it feels rewarding to be able to help

i also got my first dose that way and will be getting my second on april 9th

in person learning has started which means an end to the pod

Lilian however has chosen to stay virtual and both William and i support her decision

there is so little school left

unlike all the previous years, spring break was only planned and booked this week, a week short of going

i almost booked miami but am so glad i didn’t with their recent early curfew due too many spring breakers and covid rules neglect

we will be going to carolina beach for several days and will go to miami in may since Lilian can do school from wherever

it’s been two years since we have been there and i miss it like crazy

more so now since our DD has moved back

anyhoo, here are some snippets of the past three weeks

ps- i really love that Lilian comes here on her own now. this space was created for her after-all

my orchids are all reblooming

this guy lives with me now

an end of pod celebration

with pod gone, i turned the school room into a hang out room and i love it so much

a doodle

a saturday with crepes and lake susan in black mountain. i love our girl dates

daffodils from our front yard

a lazy sunday morning. i love those too/two

long 3-5 mile walks with foxy

a two night stay in seabrook with a-ray. finally

a girls growing up strong session

a girls night out

make-up adventures

necklace adventures

around here

today is the last day of school for Lily

the last day of fourth grade

we homeschooled for three months

at 10am she will be having a zoom toast party with her class

in a non covid19 world, she would be having an in the classroom celebration with her classmates and teacher

it’s all bittersweet isn’t it?

school is over and that’s always a happy kid feeling however, she is sad because next year she will have a new teacher and classmates and she won’t have a chance to physically be together as a classroom again with her fourth grade crew

there are tears at the end of every school year for Lily

today will probably be no different despite how different distance learning has been

it’s a strange world we are living in and i don’t want to give into this new normal

because it sucks

regardless of how well we are trying to make it work

anyway, we officially have a rising fifth grader

amazing how time flies….

happy friday friends

our garden has given us the most magnificent peony season. thankful for that

morning coffee with peonies is a new favorite

and so is coffee with banana bread. banana bread all day, every day

i had not caught a sunrise since Lily began homeschooling in march

there are quiet days when i get to enjoy this space. and some when i don’t

have made some new rainbow makers

i miss stitching faces but have not been inspired to paint any new ones


she’s really wonderful about always keeping herself busy. and creative

three mile walks

a distance playdate with her bestie. it’s hard being apart

bitch stole my look

around here

we had quite the rainy week here

it rained nonstop from monday until thursday afternoon

and it was cold too

i guess we had ourselves a wintery week during spring

i think we made the most of it

we cooked, baked, and even had a whole day of homeschooling in bed

in a way, the rain was much needed and suited the quarantine mood

happy friday friends

thankful for all the flowers. outside. and inside

i have been propagating my established plants like crazy with the hope of having even more green babies

she only has five days of school left and she rocked this homeschooling life

we continue to eat all the home cooked meals. not complaining

costa del sol ocean treasures filled with the best of memories

after weeks of nonstop jackhammering, it was finally quiet this week and i enjoyed every quiet second of it

around here

hi friends

how are you all holding up?

we’re good over here but i have certainly had my share of unmotivated and uninspired days

which is ok i think

and once i come to peace with it, i allow myself to be what i am feeling and wanting/needing

there is always the next day right?

i’m just trying to breathe and take it one day at a time

i think that’s what we are all trying to do right?

wishing you a peace filled weekend

i spent some days in the basement going through and organizing my storage boxes. found the nineties

i also found this frida kahlo paper doll book i bought for Lily when i think she was still in my belly. had looked for it years ago and couldn’t find it. we both decided it should stay as is and in our frida collection

and speaking of collections, been going through all my nature treasures trying to somehow feel closer to the ocean

there have been lots of delicious meals

tuna nicoise

grilled octopus

a loaded hotdog with chips and radishes. i never liked radishes before

three ingredient banana, peanut butter, cocoa powder muffins

banana bread

strawberry clafoutis

plenty of time being spent in the kitchen these days

mother’s day

on nice days we take lots of walks around the neighborhood

cinco de mayo

it’s been really loud here all day every day with the hotel construction still happening below our backyard. they start jackhammering at 7:30 every morning and don’t stop until the end of the afternoon. despite all the noise that makes me want to crawl out of my skin (and leave this house), i try to create and focus on the quiet corners

flowers still getting me through the day. especially pink ones

our first peony this year

late night shenanigans with Lily when she asks me to brush my hair out

still trying to keep busy through my hands. ordered some self drying terracotta and made my own beads

a distancing visit to her bestie and her chickens to drop off some books

and a visit to her teacher to drop off some flowers for teacher appreciation day