may flowers

K and i made up a new cocktail saturday night and named it may flowers

beefeater, fresca, muddled strawberry, lime on ice

it’s delicious and super refreshing

perfect for this spring/summer

let me know what you think of it if you try it

oh, and of course we had to have a mini photo shoot with barbie

happy monday everyone!

Lazy, lazy, lazy

I don’t know about you guys but the heat makes me soooooooo lazy and unmotivated.

I know that we made the decision to stay in Miami so suck it up Claudia and, it’s not as hot as it is in other places but, it is just so hot for too long down here.

I’m definitely more of a spring and autumn kind of girl.

I love mid 60’s to low 70’s during the day and cooler nights.

I just always feel so much more inspired and motivated in cooler weather, it’s like my brain is awakened by the cold.

And don’t even get me started on fall fashion… LOVE it!!! Love to layer, love boots, jackets, scarves, hats…

Summer fashion? Boooooring.

Spring bloom

You can tell Spring is here.

Trees around my neighborhood have started to bloom and there are so many more flowers. (need to take some pics)

It is definitely Spring in our bedroom!

The orchid that I was waiting on, finally has one fully opened flower. (and another opened just this morning)

AND…. the bamboo tree we have had for 4 years also bloomed.

It was the strangest thing.

It grew these weird stems from each branch and now each stem is loaded with small white flowers that only open late in the afternoon and last all through the night.

They are so fragrant, we can smell them the minute we walk in the room.

I love Spring!