Let’s not leave the boys behind…

After I posted the post below, my friend Deanna commented on how her sister would like me to do the same thing for boys.

A challenge!

I must admit that it is way easier for me to dress the ladies but I have dressed a few men in my life.

So, here they are, my top looks for boys from Zara Spring 2011 Kids.

(Please let me know what you think. Do you like the looks? Would you dress your boy in them? Or does everything just suck?)


Spring bloom

Yesterday morning we took Lily downstairs to check out all the pretty flowers that had bloomed.

Even though it’s a small yard that we have in the back of our building, there are so many pretty flowers there this time of the year.

Lily was of course appreciating the flowers by trying to rip them off their stems and stick them in her mouth. 😉

It was a wonderful easy morning spent amongst pretty flowers and under another clear blue sky.

Today is a lazy gloomy sunday so far but we are having fun with Lily on her play mat so we are not complaining.

We wish you all a wonderful weekend!

Here is Lily yesterday wearing a bodysuit by babyGap checking the flowers.