Heavy load

Lily and I went to the beach yesterday morning. (surprise! 😉 )

It is getting to be quite the workout getting her there, specially pulling the stroller (with her in it) through the sand. (girlfriend will have to start walking soon but until then I will give her a ride)

With her being 25.5lbs, the stroller, her beach toys, a diaper bag filled with towels, water, diapers, lotion, snacks, by the time we reach our spot I’m out of breath. (I’m a bit out of shape)

So, yesterday I decided to not take any cameras to not add to the load.

But, I couldn’t help taking pictures with my phone which I hardly use other than to text. (it’s not a fancy iphone or anything like that)

I had no idea what the quality would be like.

They are not that great but I kind of like their vintage feel/look.

What do you think?

Also, I think I can speak for both Lily and I when I say that we both missed tia Sarah terribly.

And it’s friday!!

We have lots of house projects to do around here this weekend like go to storage and drop off winter clothes (don’t think we will need those for a while), re-pot some plants, clean…

Have a great weekend everyone!



West Virginia here we come!

We are leaving for West Virginia tomorrow. 🙂

Yesterday Lily and I did laundry and ran errands all day.

It’s hard to run errands with Lily in the stroller these days.

She wants to get out and walk around.

Which would be fine if she actually walked straight ahead, didn’t stop to touch and pick up everything off the ground and oh yeah…. stop and wave at EVERYONE!!!!

Here she is on Lincoln Rd yesterday.

Miss social. 😉

P.S.- I might take a little hiatus from the blog once in WV. I never get the best internet connection when there.

tasting plants along the way. have you ever?

waving to people


Lily’s first airplane ride

Our plane ride from Miami to Portugal was… LONG!

8.5 hours from Miami to Madrid.

What was supposed to be a 4 hour lay over in Madrid turned into 5 hours.

1 hour from Madrid to Lisboa.

14 hours! Ugh.

Lily was really good though.

She had a hard time falling asleep and tossed and turned while she was sleeping but did sleep through more than half the long flight.

The lay over in Madrid was a little tough.

I was carrying Lily (big mistake, next time I will bring a stroller) and after the long flight and having to go through the entire airport to get to customs and then to our connecting gate, my arm was killing me!!

Once we got to chill at our gate, we caught a beautiful sunrise and Lily was so happy to be able to just stretch out and walk around.

She was so exhausted that she fell asleep before we even got onto our connecting flight.

She wouldn’t even wake up to get off the plane.

I had her “indie” outfit in my carry-on bag but because we were both so exhausted, I never changed her.

Either way, both avo Carmo and avo Ricardo were there waiting for us as well as Lily’s biggest fan, prima Ana and Nuno.

It was a happy welcome committee. 🙂

(Please vote for us here. Thank you!)

this was my seat when I got on the plane. don’t worry, they brought me a cushion 😉


Summer fashion week- day 2 (really 3)

Today’s fashion post is about beach style. (since Lily and I went to the beach this morning)

My favorite things to wear to the beach are a hat, sunglasses, a long sleeved cotton tunic (I prefer long sleeves so the sun is not beating straight down on the skin, it’s less hot believe it or not), long lounge pants and flip flops.

hat (vintage* BCBG), sunglasses (vintage* Marc Jacobs), tunic (vintage* Letarte), bikini (vintage* GAP)


A different kind of “in the know”

When entering the library yesterday morning, I was pleasantly surprised to see Cari with her niece Amanda.

I had met Cari with Amanda at the playground the previous week and had told her about library mondays.

We all had a wonderful time singing and listening to story time as usual and before leaving Cari asked for my number.

Cari: “Claudia, can I get your number? You seem to be the mom in the know”.

A quick flashback went through me.

Not too long (but yet what seems to be lifetime ago) when I worked retail, I was the one my co-workers would refer customers and hotel guests to.

Back then, I was in the know of the hottest clubs, restaurants, lounges, anything that had to do with going out on this beach on any day of the week.

How my life has changed, I quickly thought to myself.

Me: “When did that happen?”

Now I’m in the know of library mondays, afternoon pool tuesdays at Sebastian’s, meet-up beach thursdays, music classes, free museum days, diapers, cereal, strollers, bottles, blankets….anything that has to do with babies.

A big smile came across my face….thank you Lily! 🙂

Lily and I on the way to the library. Lily wears a hat by Patagonia and dress by babyGap

Things we LOVE!

We LOVE our frog. The Bugaboo Frog stroller that is that granma Hayes and avo Joao got for us at Genius Jones.

This was another item that Will and I did a lot of research on however, I knew that I wanted the Frog. It was just a matter of convincing Will. Being a new parent and all, we were not used yet to the insane prices of certain things.

The Frog is light, durable, folds down well, comes in great colors (we chose orange) and most importantly it came with a bassinet. Lily slept comfortably in that bassinet for the first 2 months of her life.

So thank you granma Hayes and avo Joao!

You can see Lily below totally stylin’ in her Frog.