New style inspiration

Happy tuesday everyone!

Let’s talk about fashion and what is inspiring you to get dressed this fall/winter, shall we?

As far as style is concerned I have definitely always had my own personal style (no matter how bad that was at times) however, I have always been inspired by music, movies, photographs, art, people on the street, you name it.

For the past couple of years, I have been really liking my skinnies and booties but, thanks to Alison Mosshart, I want to wear nothing else.

This rockin’ Florida native is not only Kate Moss’s bff (you all know how much I love Kate, right?) but she is also the lead singer of not only 1 but 2 bands (The Kills and The Dead Weather).

Alison has her style down. It’s all about the skinnies, awesome booties, tees, blanket-style ponchos and sweaters, leopard jackets and scarves.

Alison Mosshart is my style inspiration for fall/winter 2011.

What about you? Who or what is inspiring you this fall/winter?

Alison Mosshart


Salt Water style

One thing I have learned about living here in Miami is that when it comes to shoes, Lily really doesn’t need more than 2 pairs at a time.

I overbought shoes in the first year (because I’m a bit of a shoe freak) but, I learned my lesson.

As many wonderful kids shoes as there are out there, there is no need to spend money where money shouldn’t be spent.

So, this Spring/Summer season, Lily has 2 pairs of sandals.

If you have been coming here for Small Style, you know that they are the green Salt Waters (the green was on sale for a great price and it just so happens to go with EVERYTHING!) and the brown and fuschia Soft Star Shoes.

And you know what?

When those get small, I will just get her the same brands in a different color or style because they are wonderful!

Lily rocked her green Salt Waters all week long! 🙂

Morgan at Mama loves Papa is the hostess to Small Style, go on over and link up!


Parabens Sebastiao!

Cousin Sebastiao turned 9 on friday and had his birthday party yesterday.

Lena (my cousin, his mom) did such a great job with all the drinks, cakes and games she had for the kids.

Lily had a wonderful time playing with cousin Sofia and watching all the older kids run around.

We couldn’t have asked for better weather.

It was a great saturday.

OH! And speaking of lil miss independent, Lily will most likely be walking soon. She is feeling quite confident these days. She got a lot of solo walking time between tia Tete and me at the party.


West Virginia style

There has been quite the mix of prints these days as far as Lily is concerned. (not intentionally either)

I definitely did not pack enough pants/leggings or long sleeved shirts for Lily.

The days have been cooler than we thought they would be.

Just the other day she started out with a green butterfly print dress. (cute!)

In the afternoon it got a bit cool so I put fuchsia and gray striped pants on her. (ok……)

As the night rolled in, the temperature dropped even more so to top the outfit off, I put a blue printed hooded sweatshirt on her. (oh boy!)

I’m a big fan of mixed prints but this was a no-NO! She was a printed mess! lol

But cute nonetheless. 😉

I hope you all have a wonderful weekend!

We will be celebrating avo Joao’s birthday tomorrow. 🙂 (lots of pics to share with you on monday)

(We always, always, always appreciate your vote! Thank you!)

sitting pretty in avo Joao’s truck

oh boy!