Sunday A La Folie

On sunday we went to one of my favorite places here in South Beach.

A La Folie is a little french bistro/creperie on one of the cutest streets here on the beach.

We had not been in over a year (don’t know why) but, it was great to have rediscovered it all over again.

I had my usual, the Belle Hellene crepe. It’s filled with caramelized pears, dark chocolate and vanilla ice cream on the side.

It was delicious!!!! (even Lily thought so 😉 )

A La Folie


Sunday ride

After many hours of just lounging around at home and what seemed to be a pajama sunday, we finally got motivated and decided to go on a family bike ride.

Will, Lily and I rode all the way across the beach to South Point.

It was the first time we all went on a bike ride together.

Will and I used to ride our bikes all around town (up until 1 week before my due date) and now that Lily is a bit bigger, we can ride again! 🙂

The weather was so nice on sunday. Not super hot. It was breezy. It was wonderful.

We had a great time! (as you can see. did I take enough pictures? 😉 )

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she loves riding


The uncle Darren effect

Uncle Darren met up with us at South Point on sunday.

The minute Lily was held by uncle Darren, she fell asleep in his arms.

I’m not even exaggerating. It took less than 5 minutes for her to fall asleep!

These two….

First she would cry at the very sight of him, now she falls asleep. (I think he changed his cologne)

Uncle Darren has quite the effect in Lily.



We are so happy that our friends Claudia and Sofia are back from their vacation.

They arrived on sunday and we were at the park first thing yesterday morning for some much needed play time.

I think it had been almost 2 months since Lily and Sofia played together.

We missed you Claudia and Sofia!!

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Lily hoggin’ all the toys again…


Lily and uncle Darren

Oh Lily and uncle Darren…..

These two had quite the little love fest this past weekend.

They had a great time at the beach on saturday.

And then yesterday, Lily snuggled up next to uncle Darren on the couch and fell asleep! (and continued on snuggling once she woke up.)

She has never even done that with either Will nor I.

We are all soooooo happy that Lily no longer starts crying at the very sight of her uncle Darren.

We knew this day would come. 🙂

Lily and uncle Darren at the beach on saturday


Monday outdoors picture

Last week we had many mornings at the beach.

Thursday to sunday to be exact.

The water has been amazing!!!

It is the perfect temperature, the tide has been out every morning with a sand bar in the middle, it is as clear as it could be.

Here are some of my favorite outdoor moments at the beach from this past week.

Happy Labor Day everyone!!!!! Be safe.


McCoy and Lily on friday