sweet potato

Will’s famous sweet potato biscuits

i’ve been holding out on you guys

not because i don’t love you but i guess because this isn’t really a cooking blog

if anything it’s a drinking blog (haha j/k)

anyway, we always get a lot of sweet potatoes from our organic food coop (annie’s) and we didn’t know what to do with all of them (and could never manage to eat all of them) until Will found THIS recipe

Will follows the recipe however uses dark brown sugar, adds cinnamon and more butter (of course)

these sweet potato buiscuits are delicious!!!!

seriously, neighbors come from all over to eat these things

so, thank you Will and thank you Martha Stewart

and… you are welcome!

Al fresco

Eating al fresco is Lily’s favorite way to eat.

She loves it when we eat out. She just sits there on the high chair looking at everyone as they walk by.

When we are at home, eating on the balcony is where Lily prefers to eat.

That way she can watch the birds, the cars, the neighbors go by. (she’s very nosy!)

It’s been too hot to be on the balcony however, yesterday in the late afternoon, it was just perfect for Lily to have her dinner out there.

And as she ate her star shaped pasta mixed with beets, carrots and sweet potato, I couldn’t help but snap some photos of her.

Here is Lily, my nosy little beet face. 🙂


beet face


Bananas! And sweet potatoes too.

The rice cereal has been such a success with Lily, we decided to add bananas and sweet potatoes to her menu.

Yesterday and today for breakfast Lily had mashed bananas in her rice cereal. I mix 1oz of breast milk with the rice cereal and then add in 1/4 of a banana and mash it all up together.

She loves it! She ate the whole entire thing.

When Lily and I went to Publix after the playground yesterday, we bought some sweet potatoes, I’m a big fan of baked sweet potatoes.

So when it was Lily’s lunch time, I mashed 1/4 of a baked sweet potato with some breast milk and that too was a big success.

It was so exciting seeing the excitment on her face while tasting something new.

Now if only we could hear those giggles again….

Here is a picture of her sweet potatoes serving and a happy Lily eating them.