“I’m happy again”

This time around, this trip to Portugal has been quite hard on Lily.

After more than one month away in West Virginia and NC, after 1 week at home, she was just starting to get used to Miami again.

She was not yet ready to let it all go.

The first night here, she was so exhausted that she slept 14 hours straight. (from 9pm-11am)

I thought the transition had been done successfully.

Was I wrong!

Wednesday night Lily went to bed again before 9pm, a bit later than usual. After she was asleep for 2 hours, she woke up and wouldn’t go back to sleep.

She was worried and restless.

“Airplane” she kept saying and wanted to get off the bed.

It was obvious to me that she wanted to go back home.

I asked her if she wanted to talk to pai (Will) and got him online.

We video chatted for a while. She asked him to get certain books from her room and to please read them to her.

She kept saying “pai. airplane. this house. sit with me”.

I tried my hardest not to break down in tears and can’t even imagine how Will must have felt being thousands of miles away from her.

It was heartbreaking!!

While in bed with her, I tried to soothe her but she continued on being restless.

Although she wasn’t crying or trying to leave the bed, I could see her brain going fast just by looking at her eyes.

She eventually fell asleep a little after 2am. (she has never, ever done this before)

Yesterday morning when she woke up at 8am, she wanted to get dressed and again said “airplane”.

In the afternoon I took her to the park and all of the sudden I could start seeing the Lily that I know.

Once on the swing, I asked her if she was happy.

She replied “I’m happy again”.

Nothing like seeing your child happy. Nothing like feeling guilty for your child’s unhappiness.

“i’m happy again”

happy smiles 🙂

The park after hours

Lily and I went to the park late afternoon yesterday.

We played with the sand, went on the swings, the slide, watched the ducks (Lily’s favorite).

We also caught an amazing sunset because we stayed longer than usual.

It was great seeing the park in a different light.

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look who wants to stand all by herself now!


Look who thinks she’s a BIG girl!

Lily wants to be a BIG girl SO bad!!!

Yesterday she was obsessed with the big swing.

The baby swing was just not an option.

So, I sat her on the big swing, I told her to hold on tight to the chain and lightly pushed her.

At first I was holding her arm a little but when I realized that she was all about it and was not going to let go, I let go!

She is on her way to being a BIG girl… 🙁 and 🙂

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the big swing is serious stuff


I didn’t even realize…

This whole past week I felt a day behind.

I didn’t even realize that yesterday was friday!

I usually wish you all a good weekend so that is what I came here to do.

This weekend will be to decompress, clean and organize.

I feel like we have been on the go, go, go for a while. (august has been quite the full month)

Have a great weekend everyone!

Here are some pictures taken yesterday during sunset at The Standard Hotel. (I always wish it was my house because I love the way it is decorated)

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This is where…

Lily has been really loving it here. Her days are so filled with wonder.

But she is not the only one.

Cousin Adelaide was back this weekend as well as other little friends of ours.

They all love it here.

And why wouldn’t they?

This place is magical for them.

You can see it in their little faces. 🙂

This is where…

you can swing over the flowers and butterflies


Look who is getting SO big!

Every once in a while I like to look at “Lily pictures” from the very beginning.

Just the other day I did that and could not believe how much she has grown in the last months and how fast time is going.

The first time Lily sat in the swing, it was March. I remember she would get this nervous uneasy face with the first push but then she would ease into it and love it.

She is such a little person when she sits in it now. (that pretty babyGap dress that avo Hayes bought for her almost touched her knees when she first started wearing it. Now, it hardly covers her little baby butt)

I just want to remember everything…

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March 11 2010. the very first time

April 05 2010


Things we LOVE!

The tree at the park keeps on shedding its beautiful pink flowers and we LOVE it!!!

Every time Lily is on the swing, the wind blows the beautiful flowers around until they eventually land on the green grass.

We took these shots of Lily the other day. I like to call them Portuguese/American Beauty. Do you remember the movie American Beauty with Mena Suvari surrounded by rose petals? Well, this is the innocent version. 😉

Here is Lily surrounded by pink flowers from her favorite tree at the park. Lily wears top and shorts by Old Navy.

Happy 5 months Lily!

Lily is 5 months old today. Already? That was fast!

She weighs just about 16lbs and measures 25″.

Her mornings are spent at the park and the afternoons at the beach. She loves the swings and the ocean.

Lily can now easily roll over from her stomach to her back and from her back to her stomach. She is still trying hard to crawl and although she does move around, she has not yet mastered the art of crawling.

As far as food is concerned, she now eats rice cereal, bananas, apple and pear sauce, sweet potatoes, butternut squash, avocados, carrots, mangoes, broccoli, zucchini, peas and we will be trying tilapia today as a 5 month old gift. 😉

Lily’s sleeping patterns have been very consistent lately. She usually takes 2-3 naps during the day and she has for the most part been sleeping through the night, from 8pm until 5am. When she wakes at 5am, I bring her into bed with Will and I, I breast feed her and sleeps until 7-8am with us.

She smiles more and more each day that passes and we even got giggles twice yesterday. Something that we had not heard since she giggled for the first time. Lily is also quite vocal these days baby-talking up a storm!

Lily is a wonderful baby and we are so happy to have her in our lives. (tears of the purest happiness) 🙂

P.S.- As much as she has grown and changed, some things never do. She still rests her hand on my chest between my breasts when I breast feed her. It’s the sweetest thing.

Here are Lily’s little toes 3 days after she was born and below that, Lily’s toes last week. Lily’s hand resting on my chest while being breastfed also 3 days after her birth day. And, a 5 month old Lily today playing in her crib wearing babyGap pajamas that were a gift from uncle Darren.