Did the weekend fly by for you guys like it did for us? I wish today was sunday again.

Lily, Will, uncle Darren and I went to IKEA yesterday.

It was uncle Darren’s first time there.

IKEA is a funny place isn’t it?

When Will and I first moved in together, we had a few good disagreements at IKEA. LOL (now)

We would go, walk around, disagree on almost everything we wanted and leave empty handed after being there for at least 3 hours.

Well, those days are long gone, we can now go to IKEA, actually have an ok time and leave with things we went there for.

A chair, a table and a rug for Lily’s room was the mission yesterday and, we succeeded!

We were undecided between this table with this chair and this table with this chair.

Then we saw this table, it was the perfect combination between the other two except for the sticker that said it was no longer available.

After we did all our shopping and were downstairs to pick up our merchandise, I saw the unavailable table by one of the cashier/pick up counters.

I asked the clerk what was going on with the table and he told me it was going to the “as-is” marked down section because it was discontinued.

“I want it!” I said to him.

Happy to say we got the perfect little table for Lily with storage underneath for $13.90. Score! πŸ™‚

Once home we set up the rug, the chair and table in Lily’s room and she immediately sat down and started coloring on her new goods.

It was time for her to get off the floor and get on a chair.

Hope you all had a great weekend!

a happy girl πŸ™‚

Good little student

Library day has been moved from mondays to wednesdays to tuesdays.

While  we waited for the story telling room to be opened yesterday, Lily sat on a chair at a little table and looked through a book. πŸ™‚

Once class took place, more and more new faces kept coming in.

I had never seen class that full before!

Some kids scream, some cry, some can’t sit still…

But not Lily, she is a good little student. πŸ˜‰ (and same goes for Sofia and Dylan πŸ™‚ )