New Salt Waters!

Happy december everyone!

If you have been coming here for a while, you probably know how much I love Salt Water sandals.

Lily wore her green surfer style almost every day until she outgrew them.

Once that moment happened, there was no question in my mind about ordering her another pair.

She will probably wear Salt Waters until she one day will be big enough to say “no more”.

The first pair were ordered through Zappos however, this next pair were ordered through Little Monkey Toes because they had them for a much better price ($19.99!).

What’s your favorite brand of kids sandals?

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P.S.- Oh! And mamas (and some papas) if you are wanting to put your best face forward and want better skin, read this!

happy Lily the day she got her new Salt Waters

Elmo shirt- gifted by auntie Min. knee socks- c&a. sandals- Salt Water

and on the way to the park the next day

headband- me, tutorial here. tee- target. skirt- old navy. leggings- tea collection. sandals- salt water

Poncho love

Don’t you just love a good poncho? I know I do!

We were in the mountains of West Virginia far from any Target when the Missoni for Target madness happened.

Auntie K however was in Miami and was one of the people in line early in the morning and didn’t know what she had gotten herself into once those doors opened. lol

As always, she thought of Lily and grabbed her one of the cutest ponchos I have ever seen.

Thanks auntie K for Lily’s first poncho! (Missoni no less)

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poncho- Missoni for Target. tunic- H&M. jeans- babyGap. sandals- Soft Star Shoes


Lily painted twice yesterday, in the morning and then again later in the afternoon.

It was like she woke up inspired because she grabbed all her painting materials first thing in the morning (hello, before 9am?) and she was ready to paint!

If you haven’t purchased any art supplies for your little one, I highly recommend that you do.

We use the crayola washable paints and they are great! (you can find them at Target)

The colors are nice and bright and they totally wash off easily.

I also put something down on the floor even though we have hard wood floors and the paint would be easy to wash off. (you can use any old towels or sheets)

Sometimes the set-up and the clean-up take longer than the actual painting time but, it’s always worth it.

Try it! πŸ™‚

Eclectic style

When it comes to dressing Lily, I guess I take the same approach as dressing myself.

And that would be the eclectic approach.

I like to dress Lily not too girlie, not too classic, not too preppy, not too anything.

I like a nice eclectic mix.

That goes for everything… the way I dress, the way I decorate our home, the way I go about life. πŸ˜‰

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P.S.- Last week she rocked her Salt Waters and I guess this week it was all about her Soft Star Shoes.


What are the odds?

True story.

Yesterday afternoon Lily and I went for a walk/ride around our neighborhood.

Out of nowhere, a random woman approached me and asked me if I would like a box of diapers.

Random woman: Hi would you like these? (pointing to a box of diapers inside her bag)

Me: Really?

Random woman: Yes, they were a gift from an event I just did and I don’t have any children.

Me: Ok. What size are they?

Random woman: (pulls out box of pampers and checks) Size 4.

Me: Wow! That’s Lily’s size. lol

Random woman: Here you go.

Me: Thank you!

Random woman: You are welcome (walks away)

The funny thing is that we were down to 2 diapers for Lily and Will was going to have to go all the way over to Target to buy diapers.

They are not the brand we normally use (we use Huggies Pure&Natural) but, free diapers are FREE diapers! πŸ™‚

Thanks random woman!

i don’t know… do i like these?

Some Target firsts

We went to Target on sunday to pick up a few things we needed and grab some Christmas presents.

Will and I have been talking about getting a baby doll for Lily since she seems to be into dolls these days.

It was a bit scary looking at all the doll options Target has.

Some of them were really hard rubber.

Some make too many noises. (sorry, I’m not having any of that)

Then, on a lower shelf, I spotted mini baby dolls.


I gave Lily a choice of 2 babies. A “cute” brown baby and a “cute” white baby.

She picked the “cute” brown baby and she loves it!!

On the way home she fell asleep holding Cute.

She has also been taking naps with her. πŸ™‚

We picked up some Hello Kitty (damn you Kitty!) sunglasses also because Lily is always trying to wear ours however, she hardly keeps her new shades on her face.

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Lily and Cute, her first baby doll

Lily and Cute napping (sorry for the drool, she’s teething big time!)


Weekend fun

We had a mellow but super fun weekend.

We went for walks, out to eat, took naps, slept in.

Lily has been using her little legs and arms a lot lately.

Standing up, sitting back down, wanting us to walk with her.

She also loves to wave her arms up and down to dance. This is something Will has been practicing with her in the mornings. πŸ˜‰

Here are some of our fun moments caught on camera.

sitting pretty


Summer fashion week- day 4

Today we had to go to Target to get some diapers and house cleaning products.

At first I thought about what cute outfit I would wear to share with you on our trip there but then…. I thought about how much more fun and challenging it would be (mostly for me) if I actually went to Target and put together a whole entire outfit with their own items.

So, that’s what I did!

While Will and Lily were busy shopping and checking off items on our list, I was busy putting together this Sex and the City (Carrie Bradshaw channeled me) inspired outfit.

EVERYTHING (and I mean everything) but my undergarments are from Target. (and no, Target did not pay me for this. ;))

I didn’t exactly calculate the whole entire cost of all the items together but I think they totaled around $100.00. (+ or -)

YAY Target!!

hat and both necklaces (Target)


Things we LOVE!

Yesterday while at Target getting a gift for our friend’s son who turned 6, we decided to go down the baby toys isle to see if something interested us and Lily.

Well….I have not gotten this excited over baby toys. EVER!

There they were, B. Toys. The coolest, most innovative infant/toddler toys I have ever seen.

From the packaging, the colors, the names, the drawings, I wanted them all!!!

We picked Elemenosqueeze (how creative is that?) for Lily and she loved it right away. Would not let it go while sitting in the cart!

Once in the car, I opened the case (super cool) and gave Lily her very first Elemenosqueeze. She looked it over, put it in her mouth. She kept it in her  mouth. We got a winner!! πŸ™‚

Elemenosqueeze are blocks, the alphabet, animals, they squeak, they can go in water. Can you hear my excitement? You would think I got myself a new pair of rockin’ Chloe shoes or something…

I can’t wait for her to get a little older (yes I can, really) because I want these !!!!!

By the way, they also have a super cool website with funny and quirky quotes from kids and Gisela Voss (the VP) has a really cool B.log (get it?  clever!)

Here is Lily (had to do it!) introduced to Elemenosqueeze.

on the way to Target. Lily wears a top and shorts by Old Navy

the B. wall!!!!