The Keys bring out the silly in us

Before Lily came along (what seems like many moons ago), Darren, Will and I would pack up the car, bikes included and drive 4 hours south to Key West.

We would spend the whole day there, riding around, eating, drinking, swimming and feeling (and acting sometimes) like a bunch of kids on spring break.

Well, on sunday even though we didn’t go as far south as we used to, a bit of that “kid in spring break” magic came back.

It felt good to get out of the usual and share with Lily a little bit of how it used to be.

Here are pictures of our day at Robbie’s feeding the tarpon and having fun.


A few firsts

Lily had a few firsts this weekend.

Saturday afternoon, Will and I took Lily to see Winnie the Pooh, her first movie. (I will write more and post pics during the week)

Yesterday, instead of going to the beach like we normally do, I suggested we go to Isla Morada to feed the tarpon (fish).

Will, Darren and I used to go down there often but hadn’t been since Lily was born.

At Robbie’s, we fed the tarpon (Lily was amazed by the size of the fish), had lunch and then decided to go kayaking.

Because 400 pictures were taken yesterday (by me, Darren and Will), it is going to take me a while to pick and choose (and edit) so, this post is dedicated to the kayaking (and last part) of our trip.

It was Lily’s (and mine) first time kayaking and she loved it! (and I did too!)

We rented a 3 seater so Lily could sit in the middle and paddled all the way to Indian Island.

Lily willingly put on the little life vest and sat in the middle with no problem (even though there were no belts or anything), she loved stopping along the way to swim around, she enjoyed walking around and explore the island once we got there….

It was a great day filled with fun, we will definitely have to do it again soon.

Hope you all had a great weekend as well. Happy first day of august!

P.S.- I love my new hat that I had to purchase at Robbie’s because I left the house without one AND…. Lily’s Salt Water sandals rocked in the salt water!!!!