Tea Collection

Climbing machine

Happy thursday small stylers!

I took Lily to Flamingo Park tuesday morning and it was like she had woken up and decided she was going to climb everything.

She usually wants to go on the swing, the slides… not tuesday, she was one mean climbing machine!

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tunic- h&m. leggings- tea collection. sandals- salt water

a proud smile and a TA-DA!


Off to the mountains

I know, I know, it feels like we were just away and here we go again.

To West Virginia this time where Christmas feels like Christmas with family, cold and usually snow.

I can’t wait!

But, before we go, it’s small style thursday.

Avo Hayes sent Lily the prettiest Tea Collection blouse and it got here just in time for Lily to wear it to her bff’s second birthday party last sunday. It was perfect!

Well, I got a little more packing to do and a plane to catch!

Happy thursday everyone.

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Lily’s small style

This past week was filled with dresses for the most part because it is getting hot out!

Small style… you know who completely blows my mind?

Stella McCartney!!

Not only is she my favorite women’s designer but once she had her own kids, she started a design a line for kids.

Have you all checked it out?

Take a LOOK, it’s insane!!!!

I loved the line she did for Gapkids, it was a bit pricey but I did manage to grab the sweetest little dress for Lily on sale for $12.99. (the monday picture)

It’s labeled as a 3T but it’s obviously not.

It’s by far one of my favorite dresses that Lily has at the moment.

What are some of your favorite children designers? (even if you can’t afford them 😉 )

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A week in small style

Do you ever feel like dressing your little one rather than yourself?

I think this past week was like that for me.

I have been feeling tired and like I look horrible.

AND… kids clothes for the most part are often so much less expensive than adult clothes that it’s just easier to get Lily dressed than myself.

Here is a week of Lily’s small style.

What do you think?

Do you have a favorite?

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Small botanical style

Yesterday we spent the morning at the Miami Beach Botanical Garden with our friends Zura and Lien.

Despite all the mosquitoes that tried to eat all 4 of us up, there was still enough splendor for us to feast our eyes on and keep us there for a while.

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Tea anyone?

If you are a mom or a grandmother, most likely you have heard of Tea Collection.

Tea Collection is a wonderful kids clothing line that started in 2002 in San Francisco.

They design apparel inspired by the beauty they discover on their amazing travels.

We were fortunate enough to have been offered a gift certificate from Tea Collection and let me tell you, it was hard deciding what to pick because EVERYTHING is so great!!

There was this dress.

And this one.

And this one! (ugh, I want it for myself)

But, since Lily has a lot of dresses, we opted for this sharp Painters Plaid Tunic and French Terry Shorts.

Both the shirt and shorts are of the softest cotton.

Lily really could have used size 18-24mths but since she is growing out of clothes so fast, I got her a size 2T.

Based on a couple of other items that Lily has from Tea Collection, I can tell you that it is great quality.

The clothes wash great, the colors don’t fade and they don’t shrink!

We were fans of Tea Collection before and we will continue on being fans.

If you haven’t checked out their clothing, you really should.


Mommy Style Update

I’m trying to get back into fashion because I have missed it. (don’t worry, it is still a baby blog and there will still be a lot of Lily pictures)

I’m trying to actually get “dressed” every day like I used to before Lily was born.

I feel like I have become quite lazy about dressing and taking care of myself so, I figured this will at least make me motivated.

It might not be a daily post, or it might , either way, here’s the debut of MOMMY STYLE UPDATE.

Today: The classic white shirt.

Everyone has done it.

Mine is actually a pajama top that was hanging in my closet so I thought “why not?”.

Lily and I went to the library, to lunch and to the post office and this is what we wore: