Dental hygiene is very important

Lily loves brushing her teeth.

The reason she loves brushing her teeth so much is because Abby Cadabby is on her tooth paste.

You all already know that she loves Elmo, what you don’t know is that she also loves (LOVES) Abby.

She walks around the house shouting “Abby, Abby, Elmo!”.

Anyway, I guess she decided it was time to brush Elmo’s teeth also.



Old Lisbon

Our weekend trip to Pine Island got canceled due to Lily having a fever and not feeling well again. (I really hope for her sake and ours that her molars come in soon)

We took our time lounging around the house this morning and then ventured out to Sunset Place.

We walked around, I checked out F21 and then we searched for a place to have lunch.

As we walked down the street, we came across Old Lisbon.

Old Lisbon is a Portuguese restaurant that has been around for a while and that I have heard a lot about but, had never checked out.

We decided to go in and have a taste.

The food was ok.

Not great, not bad, just ok.

Both Will and I had a lot of fun reminiscing about Portugal and comparing Old Lisbon’s food to my mom’s. (it didn’t even compare 😉 )

Hope you are all having a wonderful saturday.


“A touch of pink”

Yesterday we went to our friend Max’s baby shower.

His friend Jennifer had the shower for him at her amazing house which is right on the water.

Max is a daddy to be.

His little baby girl Emma is due on March 10th.

The theme was a “touch of pink” and everyone and everything looked great!

We had a great time and although Lily was awesome, both Will and I could see that she wasn’t feeling great.

Once we got home we took her temperature and sure enough, she had a fever.

Either her teeth are getting the best of her or she is coming down with something.

It was a hard night with her last night. Fever all night long.

We are going to take it easy today and monitor her.

WARNING: picture HEAVY post!


Back to the park!

The gang was reunited at the park yesterday morning.

Lily, Sofia and Dylan.  YAY!

All three of them changed so much in one month.

Dylan is now walking just like Lily.

Sofia finally got teeth (2 on the bottom) and is such a fast little crawler!!

Lily was so happy to be at the park again with her friends.

She was all smiles. 🙂

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the gang




Lily is 11 months today.

That’s only 1 month away from turning 1 year old!!!!

Where has time gone?

It has all gone by too fast.

Time never went by this fast before.

At 11 months, Lily is almost 22lbs, I’m not sure what her height is these days but she is TALL, she is almost walking, she goes to bed at 8pm with no problem and sleeps 10 hours straight, she has 4 teeth on top and 2 on the bottom, she takes 1 nap during the day, books are her favorite, she still loves water, she has a quirky sense of humor that both Will and I love…

She is just the best and although it breaks my heart a little that she is no longer really a baby, I cannot wait to see what an amazing person she will turn out to be. 🙂

We LOVE you Lily!!!!!

November 22 2009. Lily just 15 days old

October 04 2010. Lily almost 1 year old

Are you ok, Lily?

Last week while I was making lunch for Lily, I peaked into the living room where she was playing and I couldn’t believe my eyes.

She wasn’t standing.

She wasn’t sitting.

She was lying down on her play mat playing with her toys.

Lying down!

I had not seen her like that since she was probably 4-5 months old.

I almost grabbed the thermometer and took her temperature.

She was fine.

She was just chilling!