Happy weekend!

Lily was so sick yesterday.

She had a fever and was mushy all day long, I think it was teething related because there was no vomiting or diarrhea and she is back to her normal happy and peppy self today.

I am amazed sometimes how fast little ones recuperate!

And…. even though she was sick yesterday, she managed to let me know that she had to poop and she pooped in the toilet for the first time!! (I’m so proud of her)

This weekend we will be going to storage to grab our luggage, visit with friends we will not be seeing for a while and start packing for our month long trip to West Virginia. (we will be leaving on thursday)

I am so excited to see family and to breath fresh mountain air! (dreaming of sleeping with the windows open already)

Hope you all have a great weekend! 🙂

Here are some silly cell phone pics.

Lily reading to Elmo in her room. Lily and I on the bike going to the library

At babyGap trying on a hat and sweater that she picked out

Hanging out by the water near our apartment

Sick Elmo

Elmo must be sick lately because Lily has been very busy taking good care of him by giving him medicine.

It only makes sense since she has a cold and is teething.

Giving her medicine is not something we do often however, this time around, she got 2 servings of Ibuprofen.

I guess it was enough for her to want to do the same to Elmo.

She’s a good mommy. 😉



Lily’s first castle

Lily visited her first castle yesterday.

It was such a beautiful clear and cool day out that I decided we should go for a long walk over to the castle of Beja.

Beja’s castle is mostly considered a gothic style castle and it has been around since the 1100’s.

Despite the fact that Lily is still a bit sick and teething like crazy, she was really excited to be there and had a great time exploring the grounds.

I’m aware it’s picture overload but it was a castle!!! (and we miss Will and want him to see what we have been up to)

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10 month babble!

I can’t believe Lily is 10 months old today.

10 months!!!!!

She is only 2 months away from being 1!

At 10 months she now has 4 teeth on top and is getting 2 more on the bottom making it a total of 8 teeth.

She is not quite walking yet but is so close and so eager to do so.

She stands up and back down with the help of objects but not quite on her own just yet.

She eats all sorts of food. (including mine and Will’s) 😉

She sleeps all through the night. From 8pm until 7am. (YAY!!!!)

Lately she has been only taking 1 nap instead of the 2 she used to.

She is smiling more and more, but don’t think she lost her serious side all the way…..

And at home she is a little babbling fool. 🙂

HAPPY 10 MONTHS LILY!!!!!!!!!!!! We love you soooooooooooo much!

Library fun

We continue to go to the library on mondays and it is the best thing. EVER!

It is so great seeing all the wonderful progress the little ones are making.

When we first started going, they were all babies. None of them could really do anything.

Now, they are big infants! Most of them are crawling, sitting on their own, lifting themselves up, a lot of them have teeth, they are now aware of each other.

Moms are already talking about and planning the very first birthday party. It is all happening way too fast!

so happy to be surrounded by books

with Samantha. intense infant converstation


and a SHOUT OUT to…


She is 8 months old today.

Where has time gone?

Does anyone else feel like time goes by so much faster when you are watching someone grow?

At 8 months Lily is doing all sorts of things. Crawling, teething, eating all sorts of food, trying to stand up on her own, clapping, pointing.

She is the center of our universe.

Look who’s growing into the most beautiful Lily. (tears…)

November 07 2009. hours after she made our world all the better!

December 07 2009. starting to focus


Lily vs. teething

When will the next little teeth show up?

Lily is still going through the teething battle. ( I know, it lasts a while)

Yesterday she could not get enough of this green teether.

She was rubbing her gums so hard, I could hear her in the next room!

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which one shall I chew on?

the cold green one wins!


Stuffy Lily

Lily has the worst runny and stuffy nose right now. (not sure if it’s because she is teething or if she caught a light cold)

The last 2 nights and days have been really hard and challenging.

I feel so bad for her (and us). Every time she falls asleep, she wakes shortly after because she can’t breath due to all the mucus.

It’s horrible!

Last night she woke up a bunch of times and was running a fever so, we finally gave her some infant Ibuprofen.

It helped. She finally got some much needed sleep.

All she wants is to be held and to breast feed.

Hopefully she will get better soon.

HAVE A GREAT WEEKEND EVERYONE!! (and if you can, please keep on voting. thank you! ;))


a not feeling-so-good Lily

lounging on the bed. i love it when she kisses my forehead

an early evening walk just to give her some fresh air

Dear period,

Well, you’ve come back.

Can’t say I missed you and with all honesty, I had kind of forgotten all about you.

When you showed up, you made me feel 14 again. I cried then with the first sight of you and you almost had me in tears yet again.

As if I didn’t feel like a big pad already having to wear breast shields all the time, now….well, I will have to wear yet another pad. Thanks!

Just to let you know, the cramps that come along with you aren’t exactly the most complimentary with Lily’s teething pains.

Because of you, the diaper bag will be fuller than it already is.

I guess I should be thankful that you took a 17 month hiatus but that made me not want you around even more than I did before.

Since you are back and you are going to stick around, at least please try to be consistent. Monthly consistent.

And one more thing, please (please, please, please) try to not bring too many cramps along with you because unlike before, I can’t just lie on the couch, close the curtains and watch movies.

Thank you,


After running errands, doing 4 loads of laundry and taking care of Lily, those cramps finally got the best of me. Here I am taking an afternoon nap with Lily. (photo by WRE)