tia Marilia

Aunts and nieces

While in Carova, NC having Adelaide around, I thought a lot about the special relationship between aunts and nieces.

On my mother’s side of the family, I am blessed with wonderful aunts and one aunt in particular was like a mother to me while I was growing up.

You see, when I was a young girl (10yrs old), my brother (then 2yrs old) and I stayed in Portugal with my dad’s sister for 3 years while my parents came to the U.S.A. to better their lives to give both my brother and I more opportunities.

Although my dad’s sister (I won’t call her aunt) always made my mom’s absence obvious by not treating us like her own, my aunt Marilia (my mom’s brother’s wife) who we would spend our summers with, always made me miss my mom less.

My aunt Marilia always treated both my brother and I the same way she treated her own 2 children.

She never gave us less. She never gave us more. She always gave us the same.

During the time that we were around my aunt Marilia, I always felt like I had a mother around.

Someone who was caring, loving but also was not afraid to discipline.

Because stuff happens and some relationships don’t last forever, Adelaide was in Carova without her mom. And most likely during our future family time together, she will be without her mom.

Being a 4yr old without her mom while watching her cousin with her mom is not easy. This I know by experience.

Thanks to my aunt Marilia, I also know the difference an aunt can make.

I hope that as Adelaide grows, I can continue to be a good aunt to her and that one day when she is older, she can think of me in the same way I think and cherish my dear aunt Marilia.

 Adelaide, me and Lily. september 2011

my cousin Helena with her daughter Sofia and my aunt Marilia with Lily. november 2010

Lily’s 1st birthday

For Lily’s birthday yesterday, we had a small family birthday party for her at tia Tete’s house.

As always there was lots of food and tons of sweets.

Lily walked more than ever yesterday.

She was all over the yard and the house all by herself.

We sang happy birthday to her both in Portuguese and in English.

She was all about the cake, the blowing of the candle, the opening of all the wonderful presents that she received and wearing the beautiful dress that uncle Michael gave her a while back.

It was a wonderful day.

I can’t believe she is 1. She is officially a toddler…

I will let the pictures speak for themselves. Picture overload again. 😉

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Avo Carmo’s birthday

It was my mom’s birthday yesterday.

Tia Tete organized a big lunch at her house with the whole family. (only tio Ricky and Anabela were missing 🙁 )

The lunch started at 12:30pm and when we left it was 9pm. LOL

It was an ALL day event.

Everyone had a wonderful time just spending time together enjoying the present and reminiscing about the old times.

There were also exciting news… prima Ana is pregnant! 🙂 We are all soooooooooo happy for her and Nuno.

P.S- if these ALL day eating events continue, I will need some fat pants because I sure won’t fit in my skinny ones.

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Vitor, avo Carmo and Ana