My dearest Lily,

Yesterday was an emotionally hard day. For everyone, including you.

Your sadness did not go unnoticed.

After I packed up the house toys in the duffel bag that they came in, you quietly went back to them, unzipped the bag and by yourself played with the toys one last time as if to say good bye to every each one.

When I went to change your diaper, quiet tears came running down your face and you wanted to be held. As I tried hard to fight back my own tears (unsuccessfully might I add), I tried to comfort your sadness.

It is not easy to have to leave family behind. Especially after having been together for a while like we just were.

I know that you will terribly miss your Hayes (avo Hayes), your avo (avo Joao), your Sasa (tia Sarah), your daddy (tio Jud) and your dear Adaide (cousin Adelaide).

But know this my dearest Lily, not only will we soon be with family in Portugal but, we will soon be home and D, K and all of our other friends will soon help to fill in that void.

I love you my dear sensitive child,


all together. september 2011