Tights and boots

Hello everyone!

Last night as I was rubbing Lily’s head to sleep, I thought about how I’m so much more of a tights and boots sort of girl instead of a bikini and flip-flops sort of girl.

This is actually something I think about often.

But yet, here we are in Miami, Fl where in December it’s still 80 degrees. (i’m not exaggerating, it will be high of 81 today)

For many of you who live in colder places this may sound perfect but for me, it’s like a curse I can’t escape unless we move. (and moving we are not)

I want to wear tights and boots!!!!! Like E-VE-RY day! (ok maybe just 265 days out of the year)

West Virginia we will be there soon

Mommy Style Update

Yesterday was another day in the 60’s but, with a bit more rain.

I loved the Raleigh farmers market.

Will and I will definitely be shopping there when we move here.


I had one of the best home made lemon bars I have ever had (Hayes’s are better) and I had Cheerwine for the first time (yummy!).



Fall fashion. Day 5

It is a windy, grey, cold, rainy day today.

If I were to go out I would wear this:

Jacket/coat by Anthropologie (gift from Will), Dress by Forever 21 (or Forever 31 as I like to call it), Shirt worn underneath by French Connection, Tights by H&M, Boots by Matisse (surprise! I wore different ones today 😉 )


Fall fashion. Day 4


How about that?

You get no stripes and no jeans/leggings from me today.

The temperature dropped a bit this morning so it was nice putting on warmer clothes.

You are getting a profile shot from me (it’s better than frontal anyway) because Lily slept horribly last night (she’s sick). Which meant that I slept horribly last night and have a tired face once again. (I don’t know about you winning Allie)

What I’m wearing: Knitted hat by Gap, Earrings (same as yesterday) are vintage, Long sweater cardigan by Zara, Dress/tunic by French Connection (it’s probably 6 years old but I still always wear it and love it), Tights (my faves, I love how they are cable knit and have colored specks) by Steve Madden and…. Booties by French Connection (yes, it’s the 4th day in a row that I’m wearing them. I might wear them the whole week! 😉 )

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Things we LOVE!

We LOVE our Zutano dresses and tights.

Zutano is a great clothing line for kids. They have dresses, t-shirts, pants, jackets, shorts, hats, blankets, all in 100% soft cotton and in wonderful prints and colors.

There are several sites that carry the Zutano line however, I have found that Baby Super Mall, Modern Moppet and Amazon offer you the best deals.

Here is Lily in one of her Zutano long sleeve dresses and tights.