Top Baby Blogs

Sitting this one out

Top Baby Blogs will be resetting again today and I have decided to sit this one out.

If you look, the button to vote is no longer on here.

I want to take this opportunity to thank ALL of you (family, friends and readers) who have voted for me daily and who have put up with my daily posts on Facebook asking you to vote.

It’s a decision I have made based on the fact that I feel like it has become an unhealthy obsession for me and I would like to put my focus elsewhere and try something new.

I will continue to visit and vote for all the wonderful Top Baby Blogging mamas I “met” through there and hopefully they will continue to visit here too.

So, farewell Top Baby Blogs, it’s been swell! 😉

Thank you!

Thank you!

Thank you!

Thank you to everyone who has been voting for LilMuseLily.

We have made it to the first page on Top Baby Blogs.

YAY! 🙂

Please continue on voting so we can remain there.

You can vote once a day.



#39 still…

So, we are still #39 on Top Baby Blogs. (we’ve been there for weeks)

Don’t know if you have noticed but I have stopped asking for votes at the end of every post and was actually thinking of just taking us off of it altogether.

But, before I do, I will ask for some votes first. 😉

Please vote for us!

Thank you. 🙂


We need your vote.


Ever since Top Baby Blogs reset their rankings, we have not yet made it onto the first page.

And even though it doesn’t matter (really it doesn’t), for some weird reason, it’s an obsession.

So please vote for us by clicking here and then clicking again.

Thank you!!!!!! 🙂

We need your vote!

Ok, so I had told myself (and Will) that the next time Top Baby blogs would reset the rankings, I wouldn’t care and I wouldn’t be obsessed about it.


Yes, it is an obsession. (but since it is the only vice these days, it’s ok. right?????)

Obsession by Top Baby Blogs is what I call it. (in that whispering voice like in the old Calvin Klein Obsession commercials)

So… will you help us get back to the #1 page?

Just click here and then click again.

It’s silly I know….

Thank you!