Happy thursday small stylers!

Lily’s imagination is in full bloom.

The other day while at the park she decided to climb into a tree and call it her house.

While in there (for nearly 45 minutes) she cooked in her “tree kitchen”, talked on the phone and washed her hands.

When she plays in her room, she is constantly talking to her buddies, making all sorts of things for us in her kitchen and I have heard her several times talk to Dumbo who supposedly hangs out in swings at the park.

Imagination. I love it!

How about your little ones, are they making believe already too?

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shirt- mimosa. skirt- old navy. leggings- tea collection. booties- minnetonka


Happy Easter!

We had the most wonderful time at Zura’s house yesterday coloring the eggs for our egg hunt today.

Lily, Lien and Sofia loved dipping the eggs in the different containers filled with colored water.

They dipped, re-dipped and re-re-dipped 4 dozens of eggs.

Once the eggs were done, they dipped shells and rocks.

We sat under the shade of a big tree in Zura’s yard, ate bagels, drank bloody maries, blew bubbles, ran around…

We are truly blessed to have such wonderful friends to start such wonderful traditions like this with.

Happy Easter everyone!



Earth day

We couldn’t have asked for a better way to spend the day yesterday. (you will see by ALL the pics)

The Fairchild Botanical Garden was free admission and that is exactly where we spent the whole day.

Surrounded by the most beautiful nature all around.

There were food trucks, art/craft tables for kids, a Japanese wishing tree, we rolled on the grass, smelled the flowers, hugged the trees and Lily even got to drum in her very first drum circle.

Happy Earth day mother Earth!



Happy earth day!

Happy earth day everyone!

What a wonderful day today is.

Seriously, I love earth day.

A day to be extra loving and caring to our mother earth and to think about and be thankful for everything she provides us with. 🙂

Hope you all get to be outside and celebrate this day as much as you can.

Go out and smell the flowers, roll around on the grass, hug and kiss a tree.

Be green!

Much love,