Dreaming of icicles

With temperatures rising every day here in Miami (80 degrees every day this week), I long for a longer hibernation period.

Even though it is practically summer out there and Lily is more than ready (and asking) to go to the beach, I just can’t get myself there.

I’m not ready to give up sweaters, tights and boots. (even though i think i will have to)

I’m missing frosted windows, snowflakes, gray days, bare trees, snow, cold and the quiet of winter.

I seriously hope we get a few cold weeks before the heat rises full blast.

Wishing you all a lovely weekend!


One with the trees

Christmas day 2011 was not the usual as far as weather is concerned for West Virginia.

The sky was blue without a cloud in sight, the air was crisp and not freezing, it was perfect for a walk.

After opening all the presents and a big brunch, that is just what we did.

While some napped, we took a long walk to the the meadow.

We walked and walked and once we reached the meadow, Lily just sat down on a fallen tree.

She just sat there with her hands on her lap, quietly. As if she was one with the trees.

Joining Chelsey in this week’s challenge: winter.

december 25 2011

In the company of good men

I am not the sporty type. Actually, I’m the total opposite of sporty, I don’t even own 1 pair of sweat pants.

All through school, I did sports only because it was part of the curriculum. The only volunteered sport I did was cross country and that’s because I somewhat enjoyed running.

I don’t even really enjoy watching sports.

Last week, I was volunteered by my father in law John to join his golfing team at a golf tournament.

You can just imagine the look of fear on my face.

“WHAT!?” I said.

“It’s all in good fun and it’s a charity event.” he said.

“Okay….” I said.

Golfing… my idea of tee time is lemon with honey and a blueberry scone on the side please.

Putting my fear aside, I looked at the great opportunity given to me.

A chance to golf for the first time on a beautiful golf course surrounded by trees and mountains every where you look, a chance to be Lily-free almost the whole day and a chance to be in the company of good men like my husband, my father in law and our friend Joe.

Even though I’m not ready to take up golf as a sport or anything, I will gladly go again and I had a great day!

practicing my putting. turns out i’m actually an ok putter 😉

Joe getting the bloody maries ready


More from the ground view

Ever since I can remember I have enjoyed nature photography.

However, since coming to West Virginia, my passion for nature photography has grown.

There is so much nature around here, all sorts of trees, leaves, flowers, mushrooms, frogs, grasshoppers…

Taking pictures from the ground view has become my newest obsession.

It’s like looking at nature from a whole different perspective.

I took some of these the other day and some this morning, both under a cloudy sky.

these photos were not manipulated in any way

My best shot

Thousands and thousands of pictures is what I have of Lily.

But one shot in particular always stays in my mind.

It was taken last year in West Virginia while Lily and I played on the grass in the afternoon like we did many days while we were there.

To think that Lily didn’t even walk yet…

As she heard the leaves on the trees blowing in the wind, she crawled over and attentively pointed her little finger.

It was a moment where as I watched her, I felt like her senses had been awakened.

I did no editing to this photo because I love how it was naturally captured.

Chelsey at The Paper Mama is the hostess to this challenge, go on over and check it out!

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The Paper Mama

At peace

I had no idea what a toll the whole moving decision making process was taking on me.

Since Will and I made the decision to stay in Miami, I am so much more at ease and at peace with everything!

It wasn’t until a couple of days ago that I realized how filled with anxiety and nervousness I had been. (for too long might I add)

I sleep better, my coffee tastes better, the flowers smell better, the trees seem greener, my friendships seem everlasting…

It feels so good to be at peace with myself and with my surroundings.

And with that, I wish you all a peaceful weekend.



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An afternoon walk

It was such a beautiful afternoon out yesterday, I decided to take Lily for a stroll/walk instead of going to the park.

We walked down one of my favorite neighborhoods because the trees on that street are insane right now!

AND…. remember this place?

That’s where we ended up. 🙂