Mamas & their babies

I first met Ulrike in New Jersey back in 1995 (?).

We grew up in neighborly towns and had mutual friends but didn’t meet until after high school.

Ulrike is by far one of the most beautiful women I have met. (inside and out)

Whether she has long hair or short hair, she always looks beautiful. (she now has very short hair, it’s not everyone who can pull that off)

Ulrike and I have been reconnected through Facebook for a few years.

It has been a while since we have seen one another.

She now lives in Austin, TX with her husband and 2 beautiful daughters.

Ulrike has been great help to me during motherhood.

She is one of my mommy friends I have gone to (and continue to go to) for help since I became pregnant with Lily.

You can all see why.

P.S.- I wish I could have been with all 3 of these lovely ladies to take their picture but, unfortunately we live far apart. These photos were taken by Ulrike.