uncle Marvie


YAY! We finally made it to 100 followers through facebook.

Thanks uncle Marvie for becoming our 100th follower! 🙂

He was forced to really, I kept on sending him invites to follow. LOL

And thanks to George (Sofia’s daddy) also for becoming our 101 follower.

Such love and support. 🙂

Thank you everyone!!

Live Simply

After finding today’s “Must have of the day”, I was inspired to use the “Live simply” message on the t-shirt for today’s post.

It has been just that here lately. “Eat, sleep, play: It’s a live simply life for seals”  and it has been a live simply life here for us Eilers.

This week has gone by smoothly and without effort.

Mornings at the park. Good food throughout the day. Late afternoons at the beach. Time spent with good friends. (With lots of good fashion also. ;))

What more could we ask for? Life is good. Even better when it’s simple.

We are going to Tampa tomorrow to see our friends Eric and Nicole who are expecting their first baby. We are so excited for them! 🙂

We wish you all a wonderful weekend and we shall return with lots of pictures to share with you!

Here is a picture recap of our wonderful weekend. (more…)