uncle Max

Thanksgiving 2011

Happy friday everyone! Hope you all had a great Thanksgiving yesterday.

We had a chill but great one over at our dear friends Michael and Robbie’s house.

Good friends, lots of yummy food, drinks, cooler weather (in the 70’s)…

And we got home early enough for Lily to go to bed on time and for me to watch The Godfather in my pajamas on our couch.


I wish you all a lovely weekend and safe travels if you are traveling!

Lily and uncle D. these two have become quite the buddies

the first round of food on the table and Michael attempting to cut the turkey

Will to the rescue


Mommy Style Update

I’m obsessed with a touch of HOT pink lately.

I’m still searching for the perfect shade of pink lipstick but until then, this GapKids belt (yes, it’s kids) will do.

Sunday late afternoon we went over to Max’s house for a delicious meal that he and his mom made.

He lives a bit north of us right on the water and has the most beautiful view out of his balcony.

We had a great night.


“A touch of pink”

Yesterday we went to our friend Max’s baby shower.

His friend Jennifer had the shower for him at her amazing house which is right on the water.

Max is a daddy to be.

His little baby girl Emma is due on March 10th.

The theme was a “touch of pink” and everyone and everything looked great!

We had a great time and although Lily was awesome, both Will and I could see that she wasn’t feeling great.

Once we got home we took her temperature and sure enough, she had a fever.

Either her teeth are getting the best of her or she is coming down with something.

It was a hard night with her last night. Fever all night long.

We are going to take it easy today and monitor her.

WARNING: picture HEAVY post!


New hair!!!!

After months of thinking about cutting my hair, it finally got cut on friday.

My friend and hair stylist Massimo came over and took inches from the bottom and inches from the front. I have bangs and I love them!!

The decision to cut my hair took longer because I was emotionally attached to it.

You see, most of it grew when I was pregnant with Lily.

When I found out I was pregnant in March 2009, my hair was relatively short. Max had cut it in January.

March 2009

I didn’t cut my hair the whole time I was pregnant or even months after giving birth.

My hair looked the best it’s ever looked when I was pregnant. Full, shiny, curly, healthy.

November 2009. 21 days after giving birth


Must have of the day


Well, today is the day. My friend and hairstylist Massimo is coming over and I am finally getting my hair cut.

Not sure if I’m ready to go as short as that great Nina Clemente hair style I posted a while back but, I’m ready for a bit of a change.

I just hope that Lily doesn’t miss my hair…. 🙁

Wish me luck.

change to come…

Things we LOVE!

Aunt Massimiliana 😉 and uncle Juan gave Lily this Playskool Gloworm Girl while she was still in my belly.

It has become a staple in Lily’s crib.

When Lily wakes from her naps, I often find her on the opposite side of the crib (she wiggles herself there) playing with her Gloworm.

She is not strong enough to press her chest yet making the Gloworm glow and play music but hey, that’s what mommies are for. 🙂

Here is lily in her crib after waking from a nap playing with her Gloworm. Thank you aunt Massimliana and uncle Juan! (Lily wears a bodysuit by Old Navy)