Small changes to come

Hello everyone.

Small changes at the park are about to happen soon.

You see, Lily’s two best friends Sofia and Dylan will be starting daycare in the new year and won’t be at the park in the mornings any more.

Lily, Sofia and Dylan have been playing there since they were 4-5 months old and well, it’s starting to break my heart a little that Lily won’t have them there in the mornings to play with.

It’s hard because these days are the days that they finally really get to play together on their own. Lily is so funny with them lately. She is smiling a lot and being goofy, kissing and hugging them.

It’s really quite special what these three have. Hard to believe they will never remember it and yet for us moms it has been such a memorable almost two years.

I can’t believe they are all two years old and that times are changing so fast.

P.S.- Sorry to disappoint you with no mamas&their babies today. Check over at happy chaos!

Dylan, Valentina and Lily


Mamas & their babies

Ivonne and I met at the park by our house.

It’s where I have been taking Lily since she was 4 months old and where Ivonne has been taking Valentina since she was about the same age as well.

Ivonne always adds the right amount of spice and glamor to the playground.

She is witty, funny (she cracks me up!), says what is on her mind (always), and the days she is not there, the playground always seems to be missing a certain little spunk.

I have enjoyed getting to know a bit about Ivonne during our mornings at the playground and look forward to getting to know her better as our daughters (and soon her son) grow together.


The first egg hunt

We had an egg hunt for the kids at the Miami Beach Botanical Garden yesterday.

Since we didn’t want to be in the midst of huge crowds, we decided to have our very own private egg hunt and what better place than our very own botanical garden.

Lily was so excited and she totally got into looking for the eggs and putting them into her little basket.

She wasn’t the only one, I think all of the kids enjoyed themselves.

It was a long and exhausting weekend (Lily hasn’t napped for the last 3 days) that started on friday but really, we had a wonderful time with all of our friends.

Happy monday everyone!



Super duper fun!!

We had so much fun at the park yesterday.

Not that we don’t every afternoon but yesterday, everyone was there (kids and parents) and everyone was in an extra good mood. 🙂

Lily, Sofia, Dylan, Eliza and Valentina all play together so well now.

They all share their toys, only every once in a while there is a screaming fit. 😉

Claudia with Lily and Sofia