West Virginia

Photo challenge

Joining The Paper Mama‘s photo challenge.

This week’s challenge: Black and White.

I love this picture of Lily taken in August in West Virginia.

She was listening to the leaves blowing in the wind.

With her little finger pointing up, it’s like she’s saying “listen….”.

It always stops her.

And she always stops me.

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The Paper Mama

Lily and Samba

Ever since Lily spent time with Titus, Rio and most importantly, Lola in West Virginia, she loves dogs.

LOVES dogs!

Samba, Ricky’s dog is here visiting with him and Lily is not sure what to make of her yet. (maybe it’s Samba’s monkey face that throws her off…)

She likes petting Samba but the moment Samba turns around, Lily runs away. LOL

Samba is 10 years old but at times she still acts like a big ol’ spazz!

Have a great weekend everyone!!

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Lily and Samba

oh crap! here she comes again!!


At first I told her “no”

When Lily and I got to the park yesterday morning, not only was there no one in sight but also after almost 2 days of continuous rain, the sand area was a HUGE puddle. (more like a kiddie pool, really)

Of course Lily saw all that water and wanted to get in it immediately.

I tried to distract her by taking her to the slides, the tire, Clifford, nothing worked.

She kept on going towards the water and I kept on telling her “no”.

Then I thought to myself: ” If we were in West Virginia, what would I do?”

I took off Lily’s pants and let her dip her legs in the water.

Of course that wasn’t enough for her so I then took off her shirt as well.

I mean, why not?

It’s only rain water.

She had a blast!!

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hands in first


ARTsy wednesday

Today’s artist is one of my favorite artists and you all know her.

I’m talking about Mother Nature.

I miss West Virginia and all the nature that surrounded me when we were there.

I miss the cool and dewy mornings, I miss the flowers, the butterflies, the fresh mountain air…

Here are some pictures from one of my nature walks when we were there in august.

Don’t you just love nature?

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Fun with aunt Sarah

We are so happy that we adultnapped aunt Sarah for the week. (we want to show her Miami better and try to convince her to move here. ;))

It is truly great that Lily gets to spend some extra time with her now that she is finally familiar and super comfortable with her aunt Sarah.

We have been to the beach, the Miami Beach Botanical Garden and of course the park! (there has also been some girl shopping time.)

We will definitely be sad to see her leave on saturday. 🙁 (time is going by so fast! i think time goes by slower in West Virginia…)

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Lily and aunt Sarah at the beach

Lily missed the taste of sand


Night sleep separation anxiety

When we were in West Virginia, after the 3rd day of being there, Lily got her own room.

It was August 01 2010 and she definitely did much better at night than I did.

For the ones who know me and who have been reading the blog, I know that I often get frustrated with our 1 bedroom sleeping arrangements but, that first night sleeping apart from Lily was so hard!

I thought about all the pregnant months I spent sleeping with Lily and wishing her goodnight as I rubbed my belly to sleep.

I thought about how here we were almost 9 months after her birth and it was the first time we weren’t all sleeping together.

As I lied next to Will and stared at the red light on the monitor, I tried hard to fight back an ocean of tears. (some did pour out :()

I tossed and turned. I listened for noises that weren’t there. I stared at the red light. I hardly slept.

Lily on the other hand was fine! (the whole time we were in WV, she slept from 8pm until 5-6am!)

When she woke up in the morning, I couldn’t wait to rescue her. Or better yet, rescue myself.

The second night was already much easier. (thank goodness!)

I guess that was just the beginning for a mother to learn to slowly let go….

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red light!

Lily’s dreams were safe