West Virginia

Fun with aunt Sarah

We are so happy that we adultnapped aunt Sarah for the week. (we want to show her Miami better and try to convince her to move here. ;))

It is truly great that Lily gets to spend some extra time with her now that she is finally familiar and super comfortable with her aunt Sarah.

We have been to the beach, the Miami Beach Botanical Garden and of course the park! (there has also been some girl shopping time.)

We will definitely be sad to see her leave on saturday. 🙁 (time is going by so fast! i think time goes by slower in West Virginia…)

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Lily and aunt Sarah at the beach

Lily missed the taste of sand


Night sleep separation anxiety

When we were in West Virginia, after the 3rd day of being there, Lily got her own room.

It was August 01 2010 and she definitely did much better at night than I did.

For the ones who know me and who have been reading the blog, I know that I often get frustrated with our 1 bedroom sleeping arrangements but, that first night sleeping apart from Lily was so hard!

I thought about all the pregnant months I spent sleeping with Lily and wishing her goodnight as I rubbed my belly to sleep.

I thought about how here we were almost 9 months after her birth and it was the first time we weren’t all sleeping together.

As I lied next to Will and stared at the red light on the monitor, I tried hard to fight back an ocean of tears. (some did pour out :()

I tossed and turned. I listened for noises that weren’t there. I stared at the red light. I hardly slept.

Lily on the other hand was fine! (the whole time we were in WV, she slept from 8pm until 5-6am!)

When she woke up in the morning, I couldn’t wait to rescue her. Or better yet, rescue myself.

The second night was already much easier. (thank goodness!)

I guess that was just the beginning for a mother to learn to slowly let go….

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red light!

Lily’s dreams were safe


Home sweet home

Well, we are back in Miami!

We actually ended up leaving on sunday instead of saturday because we brought aunt Sarah with us. Yup, we adultnapped her. 😉

After a very, very long drive mostly during the night, we finally arrived at around 2:00 pm yesterday.

Lily was sooooooo good, she slept almost the whole entire time!

When we got home, we had the nicest welcome from auntie K who had made welcome signs for us and bought fresh flowers for our empty vases. She also took very good care of our plants while we were away.

Thank you auntie K! You are the best!!

We already miss West Virginia but it also always feels good to be home…

Lily sleeping in the car

aunt Sarah driving while Will finally rests


Last day :(

Today is our last full day here in WV.

We will be packing up the car and driving back to Miami tomorrow afternoon.

We are sad to leave but we feel blessed to have had such an amazing two weeks here.

We will deeply miss our family, friends, the dogs and this beautiful place.

I will also really miss the every day simple routine I have had here.

Waking up with fresh air from sleeping with the windows open.

our bedroom window


A visit to Cass

We went to Cass for an ice cream run the other day. (I had to have it!)

It was the many of firsts for Lily.

First time in Cass.

First time seeing a train.

First time on a train. (even though it didn’t go anywhere)

First time eating ice cream. (thank you Dawn 🙂 ! unlike me, Lily only had a few bites and didn’t finish it!)

First time throwing rocks into the river. (we got giggles!)

Oh, the simple pleasures…

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A rainy day in West Virginia

Yesterday we had our very first rainy day since we have been here. (figures, we were supposed to spend the day at the pool)

There was lots of rain, thunder, lightning, almost the whole entire day!

So, unlike all the other days, we were inside.

We read books, looked out at the rain, took naps. It was a lazy and rainy day.

Will reading to Lily and Lola in the morning


A sunset

I love a good sunset. (who doesn’t, right?)

And that is just what we had the other day.

A blanket, some wine, cheese, the whole family and bubbles!!!!! 🙂 (you should really click on the bubble pictures so you can really see the bubbles)

It was the perfect way to end an already perfect day.

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Then and now

While at Whittaker Falls yesterday, I could not ignore how different (and better) things were.

When we were there last year, I was still pregnant.

Who knew that Lily would end up loving the river as much as Will has while growing up here in West Virginia and as much as I have as long as I have been coming here.

And what a difference a year makes!

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then. august 2009

now. august 2010

and a SHOUT OUT to…


Lily turned 9 months young on saturday. (this post is long overdue, I’ve been having problems posting)

At 9 months old, Lily is all over the place! She crawls everywhere and has us walk with her as much as she can. She can’t wait until she can do it all by herself.

Her top left tooth is finally showing through. (took long enough!)

She has grown so much since she has been here in WV.

This place has done wonders for her. 🙂

my little rock n roller…

This is where…

Lily has been really loving it here. Her days are so filled with wonder.

But she is not the only one.

Cousin Adelaide was back this weekend as well as other little friends of ours.

They all love it here.

And why wouldn’t they?

This place is magical for them.

You can see it in their little faces. 🙂

This is where…

you can swing over the flowers and butterflies