Lily and William

Lily is really missing her friend William who coincidentally was born on her due date

most of Lily’s friends are girls so it’s nice when she takes to a boy the same way

William spends his time between miami and nyc

he went back to nyc not too long ago for the summer and any time Lily and i go to flamingo park or flamingo pool, Lily asks for her friend William because she so enjoys their usual play dates

i don’t blame her

William is so sweet with her and they share the same quirky way of playing and imagination

hopefully he will return soon…

Fantasy cooking school

Wednesday morning instead of going to the library as usual, we went to the Miami Beach Botanical Garden for a free kids performance.

Fantasy cooking school consisted of 3 actors playing different characters and even though it was complete silliness for 1 hour, Lily and all her little friends seemed to have enjoyed their first piece of live theater.

Afterwards we enjoyed the new grounds and a little picnic.

Here are some fun pictures, happy friday everyone!

left: Lily, Ivy and Sofia. right: William, McCoy and Lily

tiny movers and shakers


A friday morning at the Miami Beach Botanical Garden

Yesterday morning was spent at the Miami Beach Botanical Garden.

Lily and I had rode by on the bike the other day and I noticed that everything was in full bloom.

I got a few mommies and children together and we had a lovely morning playing on the grass, surrounded by flowers under a clear blue sky.

It was the perfect way to end the week and kick off the weekend.

yay! we are here