My best shot

Thousands and thousands of pictures is what I have of Lily.

But one shot in particular always stays in my mind.

It was taken last year in West Virginia while Lily and I played on the grass in the afternoon like we did many days while we were there.

To think that Lily didn’t even walk yet…

As she heard the leaves on the trees blowing in the wind, she crawled over and attentively pointed her little finger.

It was a moment where as I watched her, I felt like her senses had been awakened.

I did no editing to this photo because I love how it was naturally captured.

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The Paper Mama

Fall fashion. Day 7

Last day of Fall Fashion. Booooooooo 🙁

It is a windy sunday here in Beja, Portugal.

It will be a chill day. Will is here (YAY!) so we are just hanging out and spending time together.

I had SO much fun this week!

It was really wonderful visiting new as well as some old blogs and getting to know you lovely ladies through your personal style.

Since we are in Portugal and there really is no Halloween here, we are not dressing up.

However, with my Portuguese Sagres beer I CHEER all of you.


I’m wearing: Headband by CVS, Earrings are vintage (you’ve seen them this week already), Scarf by Scoop NYC, Grandpa cardigan sweater by GAP, T-Shirt by Gap, Tank underneath by Gap, Jeggings by Gap (since when did I become a GAP mom? not that there is anything wrong with the Gap, obviously, but still!!!), and moccasin/shoes by Boutique 9.

Oh! And Lily went to the cafe with Will so there are no pictures of her but she looks cute! 😉

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Photo challenge

Joining The Paper Mama‘s photo challenge.

This week’s challenge: Black and White.

I love this picture of Lily taken in August in West Virginia.

She was listening to the leaves blowing in the wind.

With her little finger pointing up, it’s like she’s saying “listen….”.

It always stops her.

And she always stops me.

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The Paper Mama

Little curl blowing in the wind

I just took these photos of Lily a little while ago and I love them so much!

She was only wearing a diaper because she went head in first into the kiddie pool (she was not happy and would not get in again).

Her hair is a bit wispy and curly because it just blew wild in the wind as it dried. She gets a little curl in the back when that happens. 🙂

She was just so happy listening to the leaves blowing in the wind.

I love her……

look at that little curl!



My sanity space keeps getting smaller and smaller by the minute. (and I’m starting to lose it! my sanity and my space!)

I think Will and I will have to move our bed into the living room, and make that our bedroom.

Just when I thought this place couldn’t get any smaller, it can!

We started sleep boot camp last week but then Lily got sick so it got cut short.

Well, it started again tonight. (as in almost an hour ago from me writing this. it’s almost 1am)

We know she is teething and that she is in pain but we also know when she is fake crying. (and just before she was fake crying.)

She took advantage of our good nature for the past week due to the fact that she was sick and was waking because she was choking on her own mucus. (couldn’t let her cry it out then!)

The problem is that our bed is 2′ away from her crib and she can just pull the crib bumper down and see that we are right there. (I mean RIGHT there!)

As far as I’m concerned, as long as she can see us right there (did I mention we are only 2′ away?), she is going to scream as loud and for as long as she can.

I can’t take it! I can’t just lie there and pretend to not hear her. (obviously Will can. he’s still sleeping as I’m out here writing.)

So now it looks like the only solution is to make the living room smaller (how much smaller can it get?) and make that our bedroom.

This is HUGE for me!

The bedroom has always (ALWAYS!) been my sanctuary.

Before I met Will, it’s where I would lounge out and relax. When I was pregnant, it’s where I would spend most of my days off. Lounging on the bed, in the a/c while watching movies. And even now with Lily, it’s where she and I lounge on the bed and spend at least one hour every afternoon rolling around, looking out the window at her favorite tree, watching the leaves blow in the wind.

I’m sad. I’m really sad to be losing my/our bedroom!!

I don’t want our bedroom to be in the living room. I don’t want (and can’t see how) our living room to be smaller.

I wish we could get a bigger place already… (patience Claudia, patience.  oh, and sanity. lots of sanity!)

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I SEE YOU!!!!!!

i still see you!

i know you can see me too…

Will I…

Will I remember everything?

Will I remember how much you love to look at the palm tree that stands outside our bedroom window and watch the leaves blow in the wind?

Will I remember how feisty you are getting now at your 6.5 months of age?

Will I remember that smile you now give me that shows me you finally really know who I am and that you love me?

Will I remember that you still don’t really care much for the moon but you love the water?

Will I remember that I hum you to sleep and your dad sings to you instead?

Will I remember that ever since you were born, when I breast feed you, you close your hand into a fist and place it between my breasts?

Will I remember how much we love to lie in our bed in the afternoons when it’s hot and cuddle/play?

Will I remember that I wake up countless times in the middle of the night to check up on you even though you sleep in the crib right next to us?

Will I remember how much I love to watch you sleep?

Will I remember how dark your hair was when you were born and now it’s almost blond?

Will I remember that you first liked avocado and then not all?

Will I remember that you want to be everywhere we are?

Will I remember that you strongly dislike to wear shoes and you will rub your heels together until they are off?

Will I remember that as little as you are, you have a BIG and strong personality?

Will I remember that you come to the computer every time you want to watch Elmo and India Arie sing the ABC’s?

Will I remember that every time you cup my face with your tiny hands I want to cry?

Will I remember that no matter how many toys you have around you, you want what I have in my hands?

Will I remember that from the time you were born every time we would put you on your stomach you would get frustrated trying to crawl and now that you can crawl you get frustrated because you want to walk?

Will I remember that when we go to the park you are fascinated by the bigger kids chasing the pigeons and I can see in your face you can’t wait to do the same?

Will I remember how much your dad and I wished for you and now here you are?

Will I…?

Here is our Lily with that “look”. Lily wears a dress by babyGap.

Things we LOVE!

The tree at the park keeps on shedding its beautiful pink flowers and we LOVE it!!!

Every time Lily is on the swing, the wind blows the beautiful flowers around until they eventually land on the green grass.

We took these shots of Lily the other day. I like to call them Portuguese/American Beauty. Do you remember the movie American Beauty with Mena Suvari surrounded by rose petals? Well, this is the innocent version. 😉

Here is Lily surrounded by pink flowers from her favorite tree at the park. Lily wears top and shorts by Old Navy.

Must have of the day

Lily loves being out on our balcony. I often feed her out there.

She is fascinated by the trees and our plant leaves blowing in the wind.

What better than a pinwheel to make things even more fun and interesting?

Believe it or not, pinwheels are not easy to find these days. I have looked for them at our super market, hardware store, Target. Haven’t been able to find any so, I finally searched online and am so happy to have found some on Toy Connection.

I remember how much I loved them when I was a child. Seeing them in gardens and running with them in my hand at the beach.

Pinwheels in our plants on the balcony blowing endlessly in the wind are a “Must”!