Have any of you seen this before? (pictures below)

Yesterday, when I went to use the restroom at the airport in Lisboa while we were waiting for Will to arrive, I saw this great invention in one of the stalls.

I seriously think it’s one of the most genius inventions EVER!

I mean, I don’t know about any of you other moms but, I could have used this a thousand times already!!!

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A napping solution

Lily is still only napping once a day.

However, she has been napping for 2.5 hours at a time as opposed to the 45-60 minutes like before. (hope I’m not jinxing myself with this)

The solution?

I nap with her.

She sleeps for 1 hour in her crib. Seriously, 1 hour on the dot. I’m stunned every time.

And then when she wakes, she and I lounge on our bed and she falls back asleep for another hour and a half.

I’m not so thrilled to have to nap every day (seriously, I’m not) but, I’m not complaining.

She wakes up so much happier when she sleeps longer. 🙂

Enjoy your weekend everyone!!

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how she fell asleep yesterday


Sugar and spice

Oh, Lily and Sofia…

These two will soon be 1 year old and every time I look at them, I just want to cry. (of happiness of course)

Sofia is sugar and Lily is spice. (surprise!)

They have been playing together since they met at the park back in April. (for some reason that seems like ages ago)

The way they interact may not always be sweet (on Lily’s part) but, I know they love each other.

Here they are yesterday having a moment.

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Ride Sally, ride!

Lily and I had our first bike ride together yesterday.

We rode to the library and back.

At first I was a bit nervous about putting Lily in the bike seat all by myself but, it all went smoothly and it was so much fun!

It felt great to take Sally (that’s my bike’s name) for a ride. It had been almost a year…

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Lily and I on our way to the library

we took the scenic route


I won! I won!

I won a giveaway from Marvelous Kiddo. (I can’t believe it)

It arrived in the mail yesterday. All the way from Switzerland!

It’s a “Best friends” print by Cassandra Allen and I just LOVE it!

It will look so great in a frame in Lily’s future room.

Thank you Leigh and Cassandra!

Lily trying to open the envelope

isn’t it great?