Monday outdoors picture

I almost forgot it’s monday. OOOOOOOOOPS!

Here is Lily at the park being a little explorer.

While the rest of us were on the grass hanging out, Lily was on the sand by the swings watching the big kids run around and exploring things all by herself.

How much does she look like a little Will?

Lily wears a shirt by Zutano, pants by babyGap and shoes by Old Navy

Farewell Miss Claudia

Today was Miss Claudia’s last day doing the readings at the library. (yes, another Claudia)

I know that all of us moms were a bit sad to see her go.

Miss Claudia is so animated and so good with all the little ones.

We hope the next person will be just as good.

Lily was miss social today. She was ALL over the place!

She was crawling over to all the babies, mommies, Miss Claudia and smiling up a storm. I think she is coming out of her shell. 😉

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Lily and Miss Claudia


Monday fun

Mondays have turned out to be quite the busy and fun day for Lily (and me of course).

We are out of the house by 9:00am to meet Claudia and Sofia at their building so then we can all catch the bus together to the library.

Once at the library, class starts at 10:00am. There is story telling, singing, playing and some napping also (Sofia ;)).

Lily wears pants by babyGap and shirt by Zutano


Things we LOVE!

The trees in our neighborhood filled with purple flowers!

Before it was trees with yellow flowers, and now there are different trees blooming. These have flowers with a yellow center and purple petals. (Some of my favorite colors, purple and yellow.) The petals look like they are made out of tissue paper. LOVE them!

Here is Lily checking them out when we went for a walk this morning before the beach. Lily wears a romper by Zutano and hat by Patagonia.


Must have of the day

More mornings at the beach like the one we had today with Claudia, Sofia, Zura and Lien. (Sherrie and McCoy you were missed)

All 3 girls had some diaper free bottom time, they were in the water (it was Lien’s first time, picture #2), they played (picture #4), they ate, they napped (Lien, picture #5), everyone got to get to know each other better (Zura and Lily, picture #6) and there was even time for some baby free mommy swimming time (Zura and Claudia, picture #7).

Lily wears a romper by Zutano and hat by Patagonia.


Must have of the day

After not seeing Sofia and Claudia for 4 days, Lily was quite happy when we all met up again first in the morning to go to the library and then later at the park.

Quality time with our friends Claudia and Sofia? It’s a “Must”!

Here are Lily and Sofia playing at the library and at the park. Lily wears a top by Old Navy and pants by babyGap that were a gift from avo Hayes and aunt Sarah and at the park Lily wears top by Zutano and shorts by Old Navy.


Must have of the day

With the heat already here and the summer around the corner, there are a few daily “Musts” we can’t leave the house without!

Sunblock. We use Banana Boat Tear Free SPF 50. Not like we have tried any others but this seems to work really well. It lasts, and it definitely is tear free since I have accidentally gotten it in Lily’s eye while applying it.

Sun hat. Lily has 2 that she uses. One from Old Navy and the other from Zutano. The one from Zutano has a bigger brim so it has better sun protection. We use that one more now. ( I had read in a review that the Zutano hats ran a little small so I ordered 6-12mths for Lily a while ago. I’m glad I did. She is going to be 6mths in 3 days and we will probably have to get her a bigger size soon.)

Swim Diaper. I looked at plenty of bathing suits for Lily but, there is nothing cuter than a naked baby at the beach so she doesn’t own one. We did get her a Kushies Swim Diaper and it is great! Kushies offer swim diapers in many different colors and cute prints. And they are washable! 🙂

Here is Lily wearing both her Kushies and her Zutano hat at the beach.

Wonderfully different Mays

Yesterday while we were at the beach enjoying a lovely sunday afternoon, I looked at Lily and couldn’t believe how big she is already and that she will be 6 months old in a few days.

I started thinking about May 2009. What were Will and I doing then?

We were pregnant then. We were just about 3 months along and loving every minute of it!

At this time in May 2009, we didn’t yet know that it was a Lily in the belly but we sure wished for one! Will and I would spend hours and hours daydreaming out loud about what this baby would be like.

We were set on Lily for a girl name but, we would spend hours coming up with boy names. It’s a good thing it ended up being a Lily since we came up with some scary boy names. lol

Then as I sat there on the sand, I started thinking about May 2008. What were we up to then?

In May 2008, it hadn’t even been a year since we had been together and we were in Barcelona on the way to Portugal so my family could meet Will.

A smile came over my face at how totally different the last 3 Mays have been in our lives but how wonderful also.

Can’t wait to see where we are next May! 🙂

Here we are in Barcelona in May 2008. And here in Miami in May 2009 and May 2010. Lily wears hat by Zutano.